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  • 75. Re: Battery life cut after 3.1.3 update on iPhone 3G
    Bo Xiao Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Buggy iPhone OS! this release doesn't solve any problem!
    The WIFI issue, the battery life issue and GPS.
    After upgrading to 3.1.3. My iPhone's died! WIFI doesn't work any more and battery life is about half. Only 23 minutes after full charge, battery indicator becomes short.
    What's wrong?
    adw_uk Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)
    After the 3.1.3 update the iPhone is creating constant, 'GSM buzz' via the GPRS connection. I don't know who it's communicating with or trying to communicate with but it's a permanent issue and subsequently kills the battery.

    I've called Apple today and after describing the problem the advisor, (CASE ID: 151661942 ADVISOR: Fernando) was almost instantly arranging for me to pick up a new handset at my local Apple Store and said they know it's a result of 3.1.3 and not to update my new handset till 3.1.4 comes out.
    Stasis88 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    I am having this problem too. I could go all day and be around 30% when I plugged it in at night, now half way through the day the battery alert pops up which I never had even seen before. I did a clean restore, with no backup this time because my phone seemed to run a little slow. No different apps or anything then before...
    adw_uk Level 1 Level 1 (35 points)
    I thought it only right that I updated this post with further information so as not to mislead people.

    I went into the Apple store in Bluewater and the guy behind the desk insisted they knew of no issues with 3.1.3 but after much going to-and-fro agreed to replace the handset as that's what Apple UK had asked ME to do. I got home and did a full restore to the new handset running 3.1.2 and the problem came back suggesting it could be a recently updated app causing the issue. I reasoned that if the problem I thought came with 3.1.3 had actually nothing to do with this firmware then I could do a full reset then upgrade it to 3.1.3 and set it up from scratch. This I have now done so far there is no reoccurence of the problem. I am adding my apps back in slowly and testing and will update this post if one reveals itself to be the culprit or I find a setting causing it too.
    lincoln@sg Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    I have similar problem with the battery. It used to last an entire day, but now, the battery seems to drain off below I realize it...
  • 80. Re: Battery life cut after 3.1.3 update on iPhone 3G
    person147 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I posted previously that I had the dreaded battery problem since upgrading to 3.1.3 but had managed to solve it by downgrading to 3.1.2. Sadly it seems my claim of success was a little premature. My iPhone did indeed return to its full-day battery length as soon as I downgraded it, but 3 days later I started to encounter problems again.

    Once more the iPhone was getting quite warm while on stand-by and the battery would run out of juice early, at least this time it was lasting about 10-12 hours instead of only 5 or 6! I have done a number of complete discharge and complete recharge cycles since then just to be sure it wasn't the iPhone getting its battery percentage readings in a muddle. But with the increased heat output and the fact I have not added any apps to it I am rather puzzled.

    The search for an answer continues.
  • 81. Re: Battery life cut after 3.1.3 update on iPhone 3G
    MacNewbie82 Level 2 Level 2 (195 points)
    I am also having the same problem, and it started the day after I did the 3.1.3 upgrade. I hope they come out with a fix soon. Depending on what I am doing I can barely make it 1/2 the day before I need to recharge my phone.
  • 82. Re: Battery life cut after 3.1.3 update on iPhone 3G
    newbenew Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Also seeing odd battery indications after upgrading to 3.1.3. For example yesterday, phone went from almost fully charged to low battery very quickly & then shutdown. When placed on the charger, it immediately reported 50%. Went to apple store where they blew the phone away & I restored, so hopefully things will be better.
  • 83. Re: Battery life cut after 3.1.3 update on iPhone 3G
    Brainboxbill Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Another me too here... My iPhone was fine before the upgrade and as soon as I upgraded, my phone is now quickly dying. I need to charge it several times a day now. my phone = brick.

    Apple - help! I know not everyone is having the problem, but there are enough to say this is NOT a coincidence.
    Dana Cameron Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    This update has significantly cut the battery life of my iPhone 3G like many others (draining on standby from 100% to shutting off in only 3 to 4 hours). Following the suggestions posted here, I've deleted and restored my email accounts as well as reset my network settings. Initially, none of these measures worked.

    Only after deleting my MobileMe account AGAIN and then reconfiguring it to NOT sync my Contacts or Calendars, letting the battery fully discharge (shutting down the iPhone) and then letting the battery fully recharge overnight, has battery life SEEMINGLY returned to a "normal" discharge rate.

    I'm not sure if this configuration, and these steps, constitute THE fix for the problem, but nearly seven hours after the last full charge (admittedly, with minimal usage) my iPhone 3G battery is still showing 75% charge.

    Syncing my Contacts and Calendars with my iMac is convenient enough that I plan to roll with this "workaround" until Apple releases an update, hopefully in the form of iPhone OS 3.1.4 or better (which I hope they do soon).

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  • 85. Re: POSSIBLE FIX
    Lawrence Finch Level 7 Level 7 (25,950 points)
    If you had been syncing over the air and you turned off contacts and calendar sync this would have delete all of your contacts and calendar. If you turn them back on they will have to resync, and if you have a lot of entries this can take time and use a lot of battery juice. So you really can't judge whether turning the push account off and then on fixed the problem until the resync is complete. The phone will use a lot of battery energy during the initial resync, but it may settle back to normal after that is done.
  • 86. Re: POSSIBLE FIX
    Dana Cameron Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    I had been syncing over the air. Turning off the MobileMe syncing did delete my Contacts and Calendars from the iPhone. But syncing them directly through iTunes takes only a few minutes at most (even with a lot of entries, which I have). And since the iPhone is connected to my iMac during this sync, it's also being charged (no power drain on the battery). I suspect this should be the same for PC users as well, but I don't know; plus, different users' configs will vary.

    I still have Push Notifications (through MobileMe and third party applications) ON. Mail and Bookmarks are still being synced over the air through MobileMe, just not Contacts or Calendars. The problem wasn't Contact and Calendar syncing (and, as I stated, it's easy enough for me to sync those through a wired connection so I don't need to, and probably won't, turn them back on as long as my iPhone's battery is performing as it should).

    The problem was rapid battery drain. The configuration I've found, and the steps I've taken, seem to be working FOR ME to eliminate THAT problem. If this POSSIBLE power drain fix works for you, glad to have helped. If not, sorry and good luck finding a solution that does work for you. Please post your experience, particularly if you're successful).

    I'm not trying to mislead anyone or claim to have solved the problem (whatever it is). I'm just sharing what I've done here as it's helped me. I've also submitted my experience to Apple Support (as everyone should do).
  • 87. Re: POSSIBLE FIX
    keks_davidson Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    While I have not fixed this problem I have a workaround (although not a very good one).

    After several attempts to get my iPhone back to a working state, I finally did a complete restore to factory settings (including re-flashing to 3.1.3 firmware). I set this up as a new phone in iTunes and did not install anything from my previous phone.

    I manually setup a wifi connection and re-setup my Exchange mailbox & contacts (which syncs using push) and then left the phone on standby all day. 10 hours later I still have 100% battery life (compared to about 4 hours and phone completely flat yesterday).

    So, I have a usuable phone again - just with none of the extra applications I have been used to.

    I will attempt to re-load the applications to see if I can determine which one is "causing" the problem.

    Prior to 3.1.3 firmware none of the apps I had installed were running the battery flat when the phone was on standby.
  • 88. Re: POSSIBLE FIX
    newbenew Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    The apple store reflashed my firmware and put my back to factory default. I restored from backup and so far so good -- it has only been a day. Hopefully you will be able to read your applications as well.
  • 89. Re: POSSIBLE FIX
    arnoz Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)
    What do you mean by "apple tore reflashed my firmware"?
    Anyway, I was fed up with this problem so I also restored everything and set up my phone as a new one.
    I installed all apps and reconfigured everything yesterday, after a whole day at work and using it for a bit as before I came back home with 50-60% left which is same thing as I had before.

    A lot of time lost but at least it seems to be fixed.
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