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Apple, I'm extremely disappointed in this product! I know LR3 was kicking your butt but it appears you have rushed this product to the customers full of bugs! It is slow, The beach ball is ever present and the crashes are unbearable. I have great concern over my photos. I will give Apple sometime to fix the problems as I'm a loyal Apple computer user but if not fixed I my be forced to move to LR3 myself. So far this product is a disappointment!

Yes, just in case you are wondering my computer specs should more than handle this software I run Photoshop CS4 on a regular basis with no problem.

iMAC, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    The problem seems to be the updating library routine where the memory requirements to convert an entire library, from version 2 to 3, in one go are excessive. My work around solution was to simply update one month's worth of shots at a time. To do this, I accessed the aperture library folders by using the control key click on the aperture library icon to show the hidden folders and before I dragged all the masters all onto the desk top. I replaced the first one (ie the earliest dated year file) and restarted Aperture. If it locked up, I would replace only one month (from each year) and again restart Aperture (for one month, I had to get down to replacing only one week's file at a time to avoid a lock up). This process reduced the computer's memory load and it worked. Sure it was labour intensive but I had only several thousand photos (not tens of thousands). However, after two hours' work, I now have Aperture 3 running beautifully, fast and without any problems (I'm not that naive to believe there won't be several still to come) but, I'm now happy again.
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    I'm having a LOT of problems as well, and i'm running a macbook pro 2.4ghz, and 4MB Ram with 250GB hard drive, but all of my images are referenced and stored on my firewire external drive. I went through the migration from a2 to a3, and it got stuck at 90%, but then when I clicked cancel, i opened up a3 and all of my photos were there. It seems that using "faces" really bogged things down. I also use Photoshop CS4 as my external editor.
    I mainly get the beach ball when i'm going back and forth between different views (full screen back to thumbnails, or browser view, etc) and when I bring up the adjustments HUD. I hope these bugs will be fixed soon, or is it something I'm doing wrong? A2 never gave me a single problem and never locked up on me. What's up?
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    Come on guys, this is a big update for Aperture 3 and I'm loving the features, but yes I too am having programs that never crashed before starting to crash since installing A3, but lets hope Apple gets it together soon. The 132 GB A2 library converted well and only have random lock ups. Lets hope Apple is listening.
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    This is pathetic. A2 wasn't perfect, but at least it ran (except for the occasional screen of blackness). But A3 is completely unusable as it continually crashes. I just hope I can uninstall it without losing all of my photos.
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    This is getting a bit weird - people are reporting bad things with the upgrade, but other have no problems whatsoever - on low to mid-spec equipment.

    What is the thing that leads to some succeeding and others failing? Without some useful narrative, we'll have trouble figuring it out.

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    I have owned nothing but Macs since the release of the Mac II in 1987. I'm sure I've had at least 20 different machines over that time frame, along with countless other Apple products. ****, I've even owned two Newtons and a 20th Anniversary Mac -- and have drunk from the Kool-Aid well on countless occasions. I've also influenced many family and friends to convert to the Cult of Mac.

    That being said, Aperture 3 is the single worst product I've ever owned. I'm stunned that something this bad came from Cupertino, not Redmond. I've spent days patiently troubleshooting and diligently trying to fix it. Nothing works -- as soon as I get it working, there will always be a picture that it trips over; then it goes into a constant cycle of crashing within 20 seconds of program launch.

    I'm sorry to say this -- and I really don't want to sound extreme -- but this is fantastic advertising for Adobe. Software that is so crucial for photographers must implicitly be reliable, especially if we are to trust our precious images to and rely upon it. Aperture is NOT worthy of the Apple name. Indeed, the fact that Apple released it without further testing shows that the name Apple doesn't stand for what it once did.

    Apple, you've lost my trust on this one; A3 is so completely bungled that you've forced me to convert to an all-Adobe workflow. I would also like to figure out how those of us who've been hosed by this "upgrade" can get, at the very least, full refunds...
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    Hey guys, read this...it seems people have identified problems within the old AP2 library and that individual files may be corrupted when they should have been deleted long ago and that's causing ap3 to have problems.
    i've also read that if you start ap3 with a new library and import projects one at a time, you can identify what projects may have problems in them. i'm trying this today and will let you know.

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    Wow....seriously ****** at the moment. Loaded A3, seemed a bit slow but seemed to be OK. Was using the faces feature (adding names to faces) when the system just 'closed unexpectedly'. Now when I start A3 it's open for a second and then just quits. Have tried reinstalling but the same thing happens. Anyone have any ideas....seems that Apple are going the way of Microsoft in terms of releasing software with loads of bugs.
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    Update 3.1 needs to be out today as plainly A3 is very far from the professional standard imaging package it purports to be! Iphoto might not do as much but it is so much more stable.

    I have been a Lightroom user since it first came out and have been beta testing LR3. Even in Beta form LR3 is dramatically more stable than A3 - LR3 beta hasn't crashed yet!

    However I bought A2 when I moved to Mac 2 years ago having heard great things but was disappointed with its work flow issues and limitation (no brushes etc). It too used to crash when reading external drives. SO reverted back to LR2.

    However always one to look for the holy grail I upgrade to A3 on the promise of great improvements all round. Well, to put it plainly I wish I hadn't and what a waste of money! This is a bit Microsoft and highly disappointing! When everything works it is without question a strong contender for LR3 but stability and efficiency is king and it fails on this front within hours of installation.

    Until this is fixed I can't recommend A3 to anyone - Even LR2 will be a relief and a breath of fresh air until Apple do something - their servers must be truly bombarded with crash reports!

    The Aperture 3 is totally flawed and should be withdrawn until they have fixed and tested it fully. Meanwhile I want my money back!