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The aggravation set in about 3 hours ago. I internet share my airport wireless network with a few Windows computers in the house. Works great for what I do. The problem is THIS:
I am broadcasting my full name as my wireless network name. It will not change. I have changed every name in the system but the wireless network keeps coming up my " full name mac mini".

I have searched and everyone says go to Airport utilities and change it there but when I co there I can't do anything because it does not find a base station or whatever. I am just internet sharing straight from the mini.
HELP, my hair will thank you..........

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Hello flash319. Welcome to the Apple Discussions!

    To change the Network Name for OS X Internet Sharing, you would use System Preferences, not the AirPort Utility.

    (ref: System Preferences > Sharing > Internet Sharing > AirPort Options)
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    Unfortunately there are a number of issues with the Network Name not changing on Snow Leopard (as of 10.6.2), even if you follow these instructions.

    There are two solutions to this, you can either a) reinstall Mac OS to create a new name for your Mac - this is the most reliable but the most cumbersome; or b) you can manually edit each instance where your Mac name created another name in your .plist preference files. You will find these in Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration.

    For some files, you may need to LOCK the file after editing it.

    For example, to change your Network Name when using Internet Sharing, you will need to edit and LOCK the com.apple.nat.plist file, or it will change back to the unwanted name even after you edit it. You do this by:

    1) Copying the file out of this directory (say, onto the Desktop)
    2) Editing the appropriate string with TextEdit, example:


    3) LOCKING it under Get Info
    4) Copying it back to the source directory
    5) Restarting Internet Sharing, AirPort, etc.

    Hope that helps.
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    Great advice, Hollen. This issue has been driving me nuts as well, as I would much rather have some cryptic name for my ad-hoc network than one containing my actual name!

    Unfortunately, even after editing and locking the file you mentioned, when I restart Internet Sharing, it simply creates a file called com.apple.nat.plist-new (and then fails to actually create a network entirely). Unlocking the file solves this issue, but then of course my edits are overwritten.

    Might you know where the computer is getting the name it's inserting in the first place? My laptop hasn't been known as "MY NAME's MacBook Pro" since about five minutes after I first set up my account, as renaming the computer is one of my top priorities. However, somewhere within the system, it still has that name logged. I wonder where it is...