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the plastic shell on the outside of my laptop has been causing me trouble. First I noticed that there was a dark line, almost like a crack but not, on the top of the bottom half of the laptop, on the front edge where the trackpad is. Than I noticed that on the bottom there were lines like that on near the back edge on the bottom by the hinge. Today I noticed a small strip of plastic pealing away on the top of the bottom inside part of the laptop, near the trackpad but farther to the right. I do not use my laptop in anyway that would be damaging. I am especially careful with it, and almost never take it out of my house. When I do take it out of the house, it is in its case or sitting on top of the case if it is in use. I cannot figure out what to do! Any suggestions???

macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.8), bought in late June, 2009
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    Hi lexie777 and welcome to Apple Discussions.

    There have, apparently, been quite a few reports of this. Have a look here:


    Your best bet is to take it to an Apple Store, you are still within your 12 months warrantee and should get it repaired.

    Good luck,

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    Authorized Apple dealers and service providers will replace—at no cost—the keyboard and case top assembly of a white non-unibody MacBook for this issue, so long as your machine is not more than 3 years old and does not exhibit what Apple terms customer abuse, including spill damage. Your machine does not have to be covered by the initial one-year warranty, or by an AppleCare extension to qualify. There are no parts or labor charges associated with this replacement.

    This program is entirely different from a similar program which replaced white keyboard and case top assemblies which became discolored because of the interaction with the plastic they were constructed of, and the environment. That original program to address discoloration has expired.