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I'm having great difficulty synchronizing two computers. One is an iMac and the other is a MBP. They are both used only by me for work. I don't need to share them with anyone else, only with each other. The main account is exactly the same on both of them as the iMac is a Migration of the MBP, so the user name and password are identical.

Regardless of how I set sharing/permissions on any given folder, I can only read in either direction. Whenever I try to write, it asks for authentication (odd since the volume is already mounted), then says the file already exists (even though it doesn't) would you like to overwrite? I click overwrite, and then it comes back and says "you can't overwrite since the file already exists". Huh?? Looking at the destination the file does exist, but is zero bytes.

I finally created a dummy admin account on one of the machines, logged into this account from the other, and then things work like you would expect. I can write to those directories of the main account that have write privileges and not to those that don't.

So my question, is there anyway to just log into the main account, which is exactly the same on both machines and be able to write? This odd behavior seemed to start somewhere around 10.5 as I was always able to do this before.


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.7)
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    I've isolated this issue. Here are the steps to recreate:

    1) create an admin account.
    2) use Migration assistant to move it to another computer.
    3) log into account
    4) connect to account on remote system
    5) try to copy anything to remote system. You will always be asked to authenticate, then get the error message "The operation can't be completed because an item with the name "" already exists."

    Since I migrated my account to my new iMac, this is the issue I have. I can't write anything from one machine to the other. This worked in 10.4. Any ideas?
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    I can confirm this issue 100%. In fact, I could have written (MBP->iMac, etc.).

    Unfortunately, I don't have a work around. I just wanted to confirm the issue.
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    I am having exactly the same problem, also with an iMac and a MBP. My iMac is about 6 weeks old, and I migrated via Time Machine. I can read the files from the connected machine, but cannot write, regardless of which is the host. Permissions are all fine.

    I did notice one thing: the UUID number for the accounts is the same (accounts have same name as with darrylh). You can find this under System Preferenes>Accounts and right click or control-click on the account name after unlocking it. I am working with Apple support on this, but no resolution yet. I suspect that the UUID (Universally Unique ID) should not be the same on two machines, but I don't know the consequences of changing it or which one to change.

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    I'm having same problem; for the past 6 - 8 weeks on my new iMac desktop (just purchased December 2009).

    I originally migrated my accounts, apps, and system files from a Mac Mini to the new iMac. Ever since then, the duplicate name comes up repeatedly, even though the older machine has been off the network and out of the house since shortly after the purchase.