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Greetings to all frustrated Apple-users everywhere. I feel your pain!

On Good Friday morning I installed the 10.6.3 SL update onto my iMac. Literally minutes later everything started operating very slowly - all comments I've seen elsewhere on the discussion pages. My issue manifested itself in the sync via MobileMe. The MobileMe sync just cannot resolve apparent 'conflicts' which were only logged after updating to SL 10.6.3.

The Conflict Resolver simply won't budge - suggesting I have 107 conflicts, and the MobileMe sync icon in the bar at the top has another little icon, which, after an agonising wait on clicking it, informs me I have 1,687 conflicts. Oh dear.

I have managed to run the iSync so it think it's sorted out the issue, only to return to the same problem again on rebooting the machine - which freezes again!

When the iMac then goes to sleep it has to be manually rebooted by holding the on/off button down: no other way to achieve this. The problem seems to be affecting the performance of all of the other software I'm using. In short, my beautiful Mac has slowed down to almost a standstill, leaving me to head to the Mac Air on which I'm typing this, and which doesn't have the 10.6.3 SL update uploaded. I think I've proven my case here!

Now, I know all you budding Apple-ites out there will be just dying to tell me to hold down this key, while pressing with my nose on the Apple Command key, bending my big toe to reach out and install the whish-whash-perling-mi-thinggy software, checking bing, bop and bot, ting, tang, tong in the extensions and system folder and so on. I'm sorry, but this language is double-Dutch to me! I'm a simple soul, hence why an Apple-only user for 27 years, writing, saving and printing using the Internet and various other academic software packages. I use Apple because it just works, until now!

Apple, there's clearly a problem. At least post something, email something to prevent us from going mad. Or, better still, get to work with 10.6.3i as fast as you can: you are now impacting on my working life as well as causing a distracted bank holiday weekend here in the UK!

You know we love you - just get it sorted - FAST!


Air, Mac OS X (10.6.3), And an Imac