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Well being one of the first to have an ipad and now on holiday out of the USA I thught I was pooched when I lost my wifi connection and could not get it back, and they do not support it yet here in Australia.

The wi-fi connection was there works on iPhone etc, but no internet (sound familiar). I tried EVERYTHING including a complete reset of network then 100% reset, losing all data etc. No use.

Then I found the answer for me at least ... go to the wifi setting you have that works (but no internet). Swipe on it, bring up all the settings.
Change http proxy from (default) off to Auto. Job done

I have spoken to 10 others that this has now worked for ... good luck if it works or not let me know

mac mini 2 ghz 120gb 4gb ram, Windows 7, mac newbie but techie (convert from windows)
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