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With using iPhone 4.0 as a developer I haven't been able to talk to anyone about this but when using iAd and lets say I want to download the app it is advertising will it take me directly out of app I was in into the app store? Because wouldn't that ruin the point of staying in the app or will just a sign in for download message pop up and will it download in the background without leaving app?

If Apple is so secure about their location APIs what will happen if the ad wants to show you lets say Target stores around you, anyone notice during the keynote it didn't have to ask and just went straight to knowing your location? Will this be changed being that this is only the developer preview?

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    We are just users. No one here has any information on how iAds will work yet since it is not available.
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    Is it true that with a developers account you can update other peoples phones to 4.0 with their udid number?
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    You'll have to ask over at devforums.apple.com
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    Your own thread wasn't enough, you had to threadjack this thread?
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    He actually cross posted all over the place and most were pulled I see.
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    Can't wait to see all the kiddies who upgrade to 4 and ruin their phones and have no idea how to go back to 3. The purpose of the beta is so testers can test their apps. When the original iPhone was released the developers were actually sent a tester iPhone for this purpose. This software is not meant to be on your everyday device nor is it going to function correctly. Apple stores now have a strict policy about their exchange programs, they are not taking any phones back unless they have the correct current software on them. It's basically the same as jail breaking it. Good luck!
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    I'm thinking about doing it, there are lots of ways you can do it, people on ebay are selling it for only .99, has anyone done it yet?
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    Yes some have, and some have been here already with bricked phones, no way back and have been thrown out as a result.

    What sort of person puts an incomplete, untested piece of software on a $600 item rather than wait a few weeks, especially when the same people moan about any bugs after release ?
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    You need to understand that if you do it, you do so at your own risk. It's a beta, so it's buggy and unstable and subject to crashes and complete device failures. Many apps will have problems as they have not been tested and updated with the 4.0 software, and there really isn't any point in upgrading to the beta unless you are a dev as many of the features that Apple is releasing have to be utilized by developers in their apps anyway.

    If you update to the beta and your iPhone bricks, as many have, I do not believe Apple has to replace your iPhone. And then you are going to feel pretty stupid.
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    So suppose you do it, and you have apps that are not compatible with 4.0. Upgrading now will break them. Also consider that it is a Beta, and that there will be a dozen other betas before the final release. How are you going to upgrade to each of those as they come out?
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    Does anyone know whether a developer can return a 4.0 beta installed phone back to 3?

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    There is no easy way to go back. You could post in the developer forum and see if they have any ideas.