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I have my events in iPhoto sorting in descending order. When I view my photos in iPhoto, all is well. When I sync with my iPhone, 2009 events are first descending through 2004. At the end are my 2010 photos. I've tried everything and cannot figure out why this is happening. Can someone tell me how to have all my photos on my iPhone with the current year at the top? I really love having all of my pictures on my phone.

I can't be the first person to notice this?


iMac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Same problem here - the order seems a bit random. I deleted all my photos and put them back on. Worked but took ages, now I've taken new photos and the order is random again.

    I can't find answers on the web.

    The order doesn't fit any pattern I can see.

    (kind of not helpful archived discussion here: http://discussions.info.apple.com/message.jspa?messageID=10872290 )

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    Found a workaround:

    By setting sort order of events to manual in iPhoto, and either selecting events in iTunes (or 'all events'), the photos sort to the same order in the iPhone photo app.

    To get them into manual sort, I dragged the first event to after the second (careful not to land on top and combine). Then back. You could probably just select manual from the view > sort photos menu.

    I have my events sorted by date, most recent first. I suspect next time I import an event it will be added to the end, so I'll resort by date then go back to manual.

    For interest (and bug hunting): my events (on iPhone) were sorting 2010 Jan down to 1975, with a gap from 2008 to 2003. Then came the more recent 2010, then the missing 08 to 03 events. Weird.
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    Now I've found the real answer, and it's weird.

    If in iTunes you select: sync from iPhotos > selected albums, events and faces and automatically include...all events; you get all the events ticked and greyed out.

    if you select automatically include...no events; the events list is no longer greyed out, and you can choose which events you want to sync.

    Here's the bug: if you choose the first option (all events), the sort order will depend on what you've selected when you were playing around with the second option. The events you've chosen to sync manually will come first, then the others. They'll all be there, just in a funny order.

    So either choose none or all, or turn this bug into a feature: select 'no events' then choose your favourites. Change back to 'all events' and your events will be sorted by those you just chose, then others.

    Hope this helps anyone else fighting this bug.
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    I have the same issue. I have all my events sorted correctly in iPhoto, but on the iPhone and iPad they are out of order. Maks it so hard to find photos on the go.
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    Have you noticed you can go to the top if you click on the upper side of the screen ?

    @.ben : this bug might turn into a feature, very interesting, thank you !
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    having similar problem on both iPad and Iphone 4 and 3G.
    Only syncing events manually (even if the exact same list of events is manually selected) solves the problem.

    It would not be such a big deal but you have to remember to manually select new events since the last time you synced (sp) your iDevice. Gets annoying when you are done syncing and then you realize you forgot to check them.

    I think this may be an iTunes bug.
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    It's an iOS4 bug. I have an iPhone3GS, an Apple TV, and my new iPhone4 all connected to iTunes. They are all syncing the exact same photos. The sort sequence is by filename in all but the IP4 (which is the only one running iOS4). I'm trying everything to find a circumvention. No luck so far. Meanwhile, there are several other threads dealing with the photo sort bug.
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    Found the solution: it seems that iOS devices (or is it just my iPhone 4?) order the photos by file name in stead of not by date. The solution is to rename the photos in Aperture (or iPhoto) based on the date and time taken. In Aperture you can batch change your photos and select version name format: Image Date/Time. It worked! All photos are in order.

    Not sure if similar batch renaming is possible in iPhoto, though. Personally, I think the photo order on iOS devices should be based on date and time.