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I've been using Mail for years, but recently started experiencing a weird bug. Last week I moved to a new Mac, and when I moved all my Mail files and preferences over, I started to notice a few glitches in the Mail experience:

1. Drafts stay in the Drafts folder, even after being sent. This used to be a problem off and on for years, and then I unchecked the "store drafts on server" option, and it stopped. Those checkboxes remain unchecked, but the problem persists.

2. Faux-drafts (ones that copies of sent mail) can't be deleted. This is when it starts to get really weird. I delete the message, and it disappears from the file list, but the message count stays the same in the mailbox panel. When I switch to another mailbox and back again, the message is still there. When I select the message and hit delete, I don't see any activity in the Activity window. Sometimes I can delete it by opening it, closing it, and saying "Don't save" when the dialog box pops up. Sometimes I have to send the message to get it out of there.

3. Actual drafts (unsent messages) will sometimes disappear if save the draft, quit Mail, and restart. They're just gone.

4. I will delete messages from the Inbox, and they'll reappear next time I choose that mailbox, or if I quit and restart the app. Sometimes I have to go into the me.com or gmail.com interface to get them actually deleted.

5. Messages sometimes don't get sent. I haven't analyzed this problem as much, and it's hard to replicate, but I'm sure that a few messages I sent yesterday never got sent, as they aren't in my Sent folder and the recipients told me they never got them.

I have tried:

- Deleting the Mail preferences
- Rebuilding the mailboxes

And neither of those things helped. It's really causing a lot of disruption in my workflow, to the point that I'm considering abandoning Mail indefinitely until I can get it worked out. If anyone has ideas on what I can try to fix it, I'd love to hear them.


MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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