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Hello. I have an incomplete site parked on godaddy right now.

The site is:

In firefox everything looks correct. In Safari font locations get changed and sizes as well.

If you go the the film page:
http://www.fiddlerscreekproductions.com/www.fiddlerscreekproductions.com/FILM.ht ml

At the bottom, right, under the poster "cinematographer" doesn't fit in safari, but in firefox it does.
Do I just need to make page wider to compensate for safari?

If you got this page:
http://www.fiddlerscreekproductions.com/www.fiddlerscreekproductions.com/cheeeew iiiiieeeee%21%21%21%21%21.html

The font for the credits in the lower right get smaller in safari, but are okay in firefox. How is that fixed?


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