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When I enter a user name and password, Safari usually asks if I want to remember it, or gives me the option "Never for this site." How do I know what it is set to do? If I click never, do I just never ever have the option to save a password again? How do I check if this site isn't saving my password just because I accidentally told it not to?

I'm suspicious because this site doesn't save my info and it's REALLY annoying. I've looked at the source and there are no autocomplete=off tags or anything, so it should be saving my info.

I think maybe it isn't being saved just because it isn't a username and password (it's a first name/last name and password). ...but shouldn't it be able to save the form field data somehow?

GRRRAWRRR!! I'm so frustrated. There must be SOME way to make Safari save my information!

...so yeah, how do I check if it's set to try and remember passwords, or if it's just "never for this site" going to remember. ...and how do I reverse that setting?

ALSO.... changing browsers is out of the question. ;D

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    Carolyn Samit Level 10 Level 10 (89,600 points)

    There must be SOME way to make Safari save my information!

    From the Safari Menu Bar click Safari/Preferences then select the Autofill tab.

    Make sure: Usernames and Passwords is selected.

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    Yes, everything in that tab is turned on. I tried to manually add the information to my keychain, making a new saved password for all three of the URLs that the page loads content from. As far as I understand, Safari could/should recognize at least one of those URLs and try to fill in the name/password associated with it, but no, nothing gets filled in. ...and I checked, I never told Safari not to save my password for that site.

    Firefox is able to save the form information without any special action on my part; I used firefox to log in once and my information was saved. I didn't need to specify the information should be saved, nor did I need any special plugins (to bypass "autocomplete=off" settings, for example—there are none on the page).

    When I go to this log-in page, I can tell Safari to auto-complete the form, and it fills in my first name and last name from Address Book with no password. I think this might be the problem, since the page asks for a first and last name (from a game, not my real name), so Safari seems to think it's just asking for my real first and last name. :/
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    I also had the same problem. Firefox saved my log-in info but not Safari.
    It wasn't until I did a complete OS erase and install (I was experiencing other problems witn my OS, too) that I was able to get Safari to save log-in info.
    Yeah, a real PITA.
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    I haven't rebuilt my system since.... well.... ever.... Not on this laptop, anyway, and it's three years old. I was going to say not since Time Machine backups, but I've never even restored my system using Time Machine.

    Safari is still saving my info, just not on this one log-in page, and I think it's because it's like a form (with first name, last name) AND like a log-in page (with the password).

    If I have to start over with everything.................... No, Safari won't be the thing that finally forces me to rebuild! xD
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    I've had the same problem and it has everything to do with Code Signing: the way Mac OS X checks if applications can have access to secret data (in Keychain Access). Safari uses this too and if Code Signing is somehow broken; strange things happen with saving or not saving passwords.

    You can check Code Signing for Safari in Terminal:
    codesign --verify --verbose /Applications/Safari.app

    ...If the result is different from:

    /Applications/Safari.app: valid on disk
    /Applications/Safari.app: satisfies its Designated Requirement

    ...then something is wrong.

    There are complex ways to change the Safari code signing, so just take the easy way: just put your Safari application in the trash and copy the complete (working) Safari application from another Mac (with the same version number) to yours (or from a Time Capsule version of Safari from the period everything was nice and easy).

    After starting the copied version of Safari, Keychain Access will ask you for permission. Choose "always" and you're problem is fixed!

    It did the trick for me after Googling and troubleshooting for hours...