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hey all - i have color 1.0.4 - i bought a new imac i7 - intel quad core - because my power mac g5 was so slow it was killing me - SO i go to load my final cut studio 2 (works great) except for the color program (1.0.4) everything is fine except the preview in the scope viewer - it is this crazy red, blue thing that looks like its some sort of weird color waveform thing - the thumb nails are all normal - the still store images are normal until I try and bring them up in the preview viewer window - anyone have a clue:

few more details: files are apple prores, graphic card is - ATI Radeon HD 4850 512 Vram

thanks adam

imac, Mac OS X (10.6.3), quad core
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    The scope viewer has that scope as an option. The Red, Green, and Blue colors you are seeing are not "weird". They are part of your color scopes and the the RGB represent exactly that: Your color levels for each channel (RGB). Why is that weird? It's a critical tool when grading.
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    I think what asantelli might have been referring to is something else--an issue I'm having as well, where the Preview pane in the Scopes window does not display a regular image, but rather various colors overlaid on the image. It's somewhat reminiscent of the "False Color" feature on the Red & some monitors--that is, highlights come up red & yellow, etc. However, most of the image is black.

    I also am using an ATI Radeon card and Color 1.0.4. This issue is really annoying as it makes the Video Preview pane almost completely useless, and although I am monitoring through an MXO2 Le to an external monitor, I'd like to be able to see the Video Preview window for setting up secondaries, etc.

    Has anyone else had this issue, and, if so, do you know how to fix it? Thanks in advance.
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    It would be interesting to see a screenshot... but here's another wrinkle in the works -- you would think that a Radeon card wouldn't give any issues. Is it a "built-in-on board" device, though? Because this is an IMac (from the description), there can be issues with GPUs that are non-PCIe.

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    Why people still try to use Color without an appropriate video card and monitoring just mystifies me.