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I made the mistake of buying an Audible.com audiobook only to find (once again) that it's wrapped in their awful DRM.

I did this on a non-iTunes site (and it's the second time I've made such a mistake - stupid me).

Audible also sell books on iTunes but if I look at one of their books here I see no clear indication that it's DRMed.

How can I tell if something is DRMed so I can avoid buying it? Or even better is there a way to tell iTunes not to show me stuff that's DRMed?

Important: I don't want non-DRM products because I plan to do anything illegal with them later - if I was going to do that I wouldn't even be paying in the first place, as pointed out so often DRM only harms legitimate consumers of digital media

I find it funny that Audible describe their proprietary DRMed file format as it were some kind of plus for the consumer. Trust me Audible I don't miss any of your so called features when I buy non-DRMed content from other publishers!

Thanks in advance for any advise you have on how to clearly tell if something is DRMed on iTunes.



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