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Hello all

Has anyone ACTUALLY switched from a 15MBP to a 13MBP and regretted the move?
Thinking about the switch simply due to size/weight. I know the difference is only one pound, but its also the size, i keep knocking my 15 around due to its size.

As far as I know my concerns are
1- Screen, (I have a non-glossy and switching to glossy, as well as SIZE)
2- Extra expense and $ loss in the transaction not to get any further (the newer 13 theoretically offer the longer battery life over my present unit).

MBPro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    I haven't made such a switch, and would never consider doing so.

    You say you "keep knocking my 15 around due to its size," but I seriously doubt that its size is really the reason. I would be extremely surprised if you knocked a 13" machine around any less, unless you change your habits. If you aren't attentive and careful, you will knock around any machine, regardless of its size. By being a little less cumbersome, a 13" machine might actually make you less attentive to its welfare.

    Accustomed as you are to the higher resolution and greater real estate of the 15" screen, I fully expect that you will miss it every day. As for glossy vs. nonglare, I won't venture to predict anything about how successfully you'll make that switch. I found it painless and love my glossy display, but others are vehement in their dislike. It's a matter of personal taste and the amount of control one has over the lighting conditions in one's workplace.

    You would undoubtedly get better battery life from a 13" machine, but that shouldn't be much of a factor in your decision unless you actually need to run on battery power for many hours at a time. If you can easily plug your MBP in most of the time, do so: it will make your battery last much longer than running it all the way down regularly, which is quite hard on it.
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    TOUCHE my friend.
    Cannot really argue with your retort, you gave a very sensible/reasonable response and I thank you for it.
    I also LOVE not looking at my face while computing (non glare), too much white light at the office...
    One question for you as you seem quite knowledgeable all around.
    Would be a good idea to switch my internal 320 GB, 7200 rpm Drive for a 128 GB SSD (for working purposes), while saving the bulk of my data on an external drive?

    Thank you again
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    On observation about the glossy screen and reflections: they are only a problem if you are looking at a mostly dark screen. If your work at the computer tends to have you looking most or all of the time at windows with dark text on pale backgrounds, you generally won't notice reflections of anything except bright light sources behind or above you. But if you watch a lot of movies or play a lot of games that feature dark scenes, reflections of your face and of the world behind you will be much more obvious and annoying.

    Regarding your proposed drive switch: another thing I wouldn't consider is switching from a big internal drive to a small one. The prices of SSDs will probably come down by half or more in the next two years, and TRIM support for them may come to the Mac OS in that time. I'd love to have SSD speed in my MBP, but not not if it means paying four to six times as much for a drive with half or less than half the space.

    As for using an external drive for primary data storage, that's a nonstarter for me too. It's bad enough having to carry one portable external drive wherever I travel, as a backup of my internal drive. I wouldn't want to have to carry two more besides, one for data storage and the second as a backup for that. I guess if I never left my desk it would be OK to use external drives more, but I have a MBP because I move around with my computer.
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    I've always had a 15 inch MBP. Months ago I had to have my Logic board replaced and got a 13 inch MBP for the week. It was a pretty big difference, I don't recommend it if you're used to a 15.
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    Thank you for taking the time for an elaborate and pertinent answer.
    Again, your logic is infallible and I thank you for that reality check.
    As I mentioned, I work with a lot of overhead lights and most movies I watch are Sci Fi therefore fairly dark.
    I suppose my next purchase, when the time comes, will be another 15" with the non-glare (film) screen.
    Regards friend
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    I thank you for that input, I suppose when we are already dealing with a small screen every inch matters. Point taken, 15 is where I'm staying.
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    I switched from a 13" to a 15" and I'm not going back. However, if you walk a considerable distance to work/school that pound difference is very noticeable. Personally, I like having the 15" 1440x900 real-estate when I'm on the road, but when I'm at home I clam-shell and plug in to an external monitor which I did with my old 13".