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since upgrading to OS.4.0 pdf attachments of incoming mails are not shown correctly. Either only the first page of the document is shown directly in the email or a little "?" is shown. Is this a new preview function, which does not really work ?? How can I disable this preview / change this to old behavior, like the other attachments.



3GS, iOS 4
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    had this problem on the iPad; it was caused by the Stanza app. haven't tested on iPhone yet
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    Thanks for the hint. In my case quickoffice was the problem. Deleting and reinstalling it fixed the problem.


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    well, I've got this problem also and Stanza isn't the issue; and I don't have quickoffice.
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    I deleted Stanza and Mobile Toolz (thinking it could be a potential problem) but I still cant view PDF attachments. I also can't view a xls file or a doc file. All I get to see is the first page of any attached document. It is a little frustrating. Any ideas?
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    I had the same problems. Fixed, for now, restoring the iphone and deleting Stanza.
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    I've gone through the process of deleting so many apps from my iPhone yet still no resolution.

    This is a bug that Apple needs to fix ASAP. They should also be telling people something about it so there are not 1000's of people trying different BS work-arounds that DON'T WORK.
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    Bump. I have this problem too. OS 4! Why?!?
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    What version of Stanza do you have?

    They have a new version, Stanza 3.0.3 that's supposed to work.

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    I have the same issue. Only able to view the first page of PDF's, nothing more.
    It is very frustrating.

    +However, I have received word documents, and I am able to open them up normally (pre-iphone os 4.0 upgrade style).+

    I do not wish to attempt to remove stanza as I have bookmarks, downloaded books, and I don't want to risk losing all of the information. (plus some replies have stated that deleting stanza doesn't solve anything).

    I have upgraded my Stanza version to the latest - yet still no resolution.
    Hopefully someone/apple comes up with a fix/workaround real soon as this is becoming quite absurd.
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    I've removed Evernote and Notelife, don't use Stanza, have iBook - still cant see anything past the preview pic on the pdfs in the inbox.

    I can't see anything else that uses pdf.
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    I picked up an iPhone 4 yesterday, did a backup and restore to the new phone and the inability of iOS to read the pdfs disappeared on the iPhone 4. I had previously done a complete backup and restore on the 3Gs and still could not read the pdfs (they appeared as an embedded pic in the email, not as an attachment.)

    I didn't change anything else from the 3Gsto the 4 and have no problem reading the pdfs as attachments on the 4.

    I think the ball is in Apple's court.
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    i finally got it to work. i went through all my apps and tried to think of anything that could interfere, including iBooks, and removed them using iTunes. I then hard reset my phone and checked to see if i could at least view them as i used to (iBooks) and i was. i then put iBooks back on my phone, checked a PDF in mail and was able to quicklook it or open in iBooks. i was able to then add the other apps back with out losing the functionality.

    apps i removed to get it working:

    Photoshop Mobile

    hope this helps