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Kay Fisher Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
I have 9,900 photos in iPhoto.
If I add some & resync from iTunes it optimizes then syncs - seems OK.
when I start photos on the iPad it says Please wait. Updating library...
This lasts a minute or two then the screen goes black.
If I leave it alone then in a minute or two it beeps and forces an iPad restart with the apple symbol along with the non spinning version of the busy symbol.
After the reboot - if I select photos this starts all over again.
If in iTunes I turn off photo syncing and delete all the photos from the iPad, then turn syncing back on again and resync the iPad everything works fine - but this loop takes FOREVER!
Rebuiding iPhoto database now...

iPad & iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.3)
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    Kay Fisher Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    After rebuilding the library with the latest "iPhoto Library Manager" - no help - same problem.
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    opera2008 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I had the exact same problem. Not selecting all of the photos to sync and only syncing specific faces resolved the problem.

    I started another thread with an issue that emerged when I edited a photo I had already synced to my iPad. The edited photo did not get transferred over, even after deleting the face whose images had been edited and then selecting the face again.
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    MichelPM Level 6 Level 6 (8,070 points)
    I am having the exact same issues with transferring updated, edoted photos in iPhoto back to the iPad. The iPad is not updating its database for the photo app.
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    Kay Fisher Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I restarted iPhoto with the Command/Option key trick and selected everything except "Rebuild the iPhoto Library Database from automatic backup".

    That is I did
    Rebuild the photos' small thumbnails
    Rebuild all of the photos's thumbnails (this may take a while)
    Recover orphaned photos in the iPhoto Library folder
    Examine and repair iPhoto Library file permissions
    Reclaim unused disk space from databases

    After all that my next addition to the iPhoto library and subsequent iTunes sync worked!!!
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    Kay Fisher Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I can't say it is working because after my next update of photos and new sync it did end up correct but after what looks like an iPad reset which it seemed to do by itself after I clicked on Photos and it did its updating library... thing.
    Strange - not what you would want or expect.
    I have a call open with apple about it - so we'll see.
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    Kay Fisher Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I was on the phone to apple support yesterday. They had me completely reset my iPad which downloaded a 450MB file and also reloaded the firmware. I set it up as a new device (did not recover from backup) and did a re-sync. No help same problem. When ever I add a new photo I have to delete all photos and reload to get it right.
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    opera2008 Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Am I going to have to do this every time I modify an image in order to get it to replace the original image synced to my iPad? Or should this make future photo editing sync over without issue?


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    Kay Fisher Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I have an open case with apple support. I sent my iPhoto database to them so they could duplicate my problems. Still not resolved but for your reference here is some feedback I received from them on May 14th.


    Here is a status update while engineering is investigating your issue & you specific photo library and found:

    When syncing an iPad with the photo library, there were issues when syncing events and albums, but only temporarily. The photos application hung on "Updating Library, please wait" for a minute or so and quit to home screen. But next time I opened Photos, it worked fine.

    However when adding "Faces" to the iPad, issues got more severe. Up to about the first 345 faces, after syncing them the iPad would reboot itself about 6 times over and over again. But it eventually turned itself back on, and then photos worked.

    When added 346 or more faces, the iPad would reboot, take an extremely long time to reset, and then photos would just quit to the home screen and not work after that.

    Engineering is still testing and investigating issue further and will provide further details when available.
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    Kay Fisher Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I found and told Apple that I have constant entries into my area Users/Kay/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/Kay Fisher's iPad/*
    For instance I had 33 entries created the day I send the data to Apple that looked like:

    LowMemory-2020-06-25-084424.crash Today, 10:15 AM 4 KB Crash Report

    They all look something like this:

    Incident Identifier: 6F6CCBA4-063F-494D-A3A8-C9EAC14E6600
    CrashReporter Key: 9ef9dc0e80c3e569a186c68e9620e78a60a03dda
    OS Version: iPhone OS 3.2 (7B367)
    Date: 2010-06-25 08:44:24 -0700

    Free pages: 428
    Wired pages: 10701
    Purgeable pages: 0
    Largest process: itdbprepserver

    Name UUID Count resident pages
    ReportCrash <9c936bb65eb84a91018a03337a270369> 89
    itunesstored <c2c354726ab2db56b6aded4115adb459> 214
    accessoryd <b4e1403f53e4c7b53b0ec833007f6589> 88 (jettisoned)
    mediaserverd <ea8bac28b06fe3980fdd44b5caceb563> 297 (jettisoned)
    springboardservi <43141d41056ea3c3c41d046f17503526> 76
    SpringBoard <c7a5904c12db7b14334a4edaa4cabaa9> 1950 (jettisoned) (active)
    locationd <dd1ea88105c62173908ce767db5c4d37> 582 (jettisoned)
    misd <4685e2f3fd0c04bb9153d57fb2a953a5> 99
    installd <935626d0f2ff18f016ac13c5692f179e> 235
    securityd <1d9a0595c1a54f8888377177284c1df7> 170
    SCHelper <7aa556ceef2367ff81c3ce72a28b20ba> 76
    lockbot <e37ee0c050ec0d813f135ce13c37ba6a> 69
    springboardservi <43141d41056ea3c3c41d046f17503526> 84
    itdbprepserver <62fd770a5b6ac1e34e3a3109db98404a> 44858
    notification_pro <4c9a7ee0a5bbe160465991228f2d2f2e> 59
    mobilehousearr <63f683855f6dd9c40119084c023fb5ec> 63
    notification_pro <4c9a7ee0a5bbe160465991228f2d2f2e> 60
    afcd <4f3c9566e33b4463f05603d990584e5d> 64
    ptpd <83de0f774bd6553d513ae9e19b0f9b56> 154
    apsd <f655e615956fa9881fd423d762791e7d> 164
    lsd <a4d852c1c8da2b3d231bdc90887b52ba> 121
    notifyd <5e9d5bee7c3eae1c8b494c79eb11406e> 62
    BTServer <64e4a6ea6b1240db2331e05a29caa862> 218
    CommCenter <97bf297944ac4bde19bcee96dd23bd5f> 176
    configd <aca9fa3380322669164fd6b1a3864300> 278
    fairplayd.K48 <2d997ffca1a568f9c5400ac32d8f0782> 88
    mDNSResponder <820560222d47a1f2a0dce98a7f8a9721> 106
    lockdownd <497fd54c79a680bf29f5d9320f514613> 276
    MobileStorageMou <c277b79c2157c4dc5cfc5c3ca35bd5f2> 63
    syslogd <66247e305d5c0bf6f1ce1cc950653263> 62
    launchd <66972eee4d865c4383b33d985d22994b> 65

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    Louis Trapani Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)
    I am having the same exact issue with my iPad since day one. I have over 12,200 photos it syncs with in my Aperture 3 library.

    Part of the reason for getting an iPad was so that I could have my entire photo library on it. It will be disappointing if the "solution" to this problem is not to sync the entire photo library.

    It has gotten to the point where I dread syncing my iPad because I know I am going to have to deal with all the resetting itself issues immediately following it.
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    le.zap Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I am also having the same problem... attempting to sync my iphoto library on my 64GB iPad took hours and my iPad crashes whenever I try to go into the Photo app.

    My directory Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/le.zap's iPad also has tons of "LowMemory crash" files, and even some panic.crash files in ".../Panics".

    Even with resync'ing just 12 months of pictures it still crashes!

    This is migthily annoying (I do have 28000+ photos in my library, but that only sync'ed to 28GB, so plenty of space left in theory).


    Denis F.