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I have a iPhone 3GS with the most up to date OS (iOS4). Ever since I upgraded to this operating system I have noticed a VERY significant slow down in everything. messages takes ages to open even when "fast app switching". Sometimes up to 10 seconds. Also Ive noticed that my iPod app occasionally skips on songs similar to what CD players used to do when you knock them. I attribute this again to the sluggishness of iOS4. Typing in iOS4 very often results in me typing the message then waiting for 30seconds or more for the phone to register what i typed.

Then loading some apps will take much longer than before and a lot of times (like the farmville app) will load for 20 seconds then crash and take me back to the home screen. (I usually reopen the app and it works the second time)

Then the more annoying part is that my phone frequently freezes up and will either take a minute to unfreeze or about twice a day actually crash and restart the phone. This sort of thing has never happened before with iPhone OS 3. Occasionally that OS would hiccup but it was always speedy.

Ive done the hard reset many times with no improvement. Even tried double resetting (hard resetting twice in a row). Ive also restored my phone to factory settings and wiped it clean twice to see if that would fix it but it didnt.

There is no way it should be this terrible. Apple usually makes amazing products so I cant believe iOS4 has been this bad. Im seriously considering downgrading back to iPhone OS3. At least then it was usable.

If there is anyone out there who knows how to fix this I would greatly appreciate it.

iMac C2D 3.0GHz 4GB Ram 500GB HDD, Mac OS X (10.6.3), I also have an iPhone 3GS with the latest iPhone software