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iPhone 3GS 16GB

how many apps in last used / multitasking bar?
notes sync should be available with stikies from snow leopard not just mail
to-do's from iCal (snow leopard) shoul be available in calendar or stand alone app, not just in mail (iPhone OS4)

missing facilities that are needed, how or when can be functional?
NO content copier / phone content transfer (ex. from nokia e71 transfer files and SMS to iPhone)
NO tethering as being restricted by apple approved operator so I can not use iPhone to acces internet from MacBookPro
NO settings flexibility to change the sound/alarms for SMS receiving, clock alarm, event alarm/sound notification etc.
NO multitaskig with apps runing management
NO connection and sync availabe trough bluetooth (snow leopard mac book pro)
NO connect bluetooth devices to iPhone to improve workflow (mouse, screen, projectors, storrage etc.)
NO mail functioning without valid active account settings and network connection
NO snow leopard app to work with iPhone 3GS for SMS handling (browse, edit, send etc.)
NO receive or/and send business cards from/to other phones
NO settings message validity for SMS/MMS, receive delivery notification (or status report) for SMS / MMS
NO save files from web, save web pages, applications etc. in some "personal folders" synced and/or accessible from snow leopard also
NO attach files (in igmail, ymessenger, web pages etc.) from those "personal folders"

iPhone 3GS 16GB, iOS 4