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Hey everyone! Discovered an issue with my iphone screen. Actually on mine and my wife's iphone 4s.

The edge of the screen on the left side (when in portrait orientation) does not respond to touches. For instance, if I am browsing the web in landscape mode with the left side on top and I want to tap the title bar to scroll all the way up...sometimes it doesn't respond unless I tap where the title bar meets the actual page.

Now if I flip it around so that the right side is on top, I can tap the title bar with most of my finger on the black surrounding the screen and it scrolls right up.

So basically it seems that the left side (in portrait orientation) does not respond to any touches up to just under the width of the title bar.

Again, same behavior on my wife's phone. Does anyone else have this problem? Also have the annoying rattle on both phones, which I believe is just the camera lens.

iMac 07, Mac OS X (10.6.4), iPhone 4