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Green and Orange flashing lights.. how many others effected?

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  • JPL! Calculating status...
    My shuffle died (blinking green and orange leds) JUST AFTER the blasted 'latest and greatest' firmware/iTunes update.
    I tried the standard help links and searched in so many forums looking for a solution for nothing.
    Luckily I got mine replaced as it was covered in warranty to never 'update' again, and it´s working pretty good, thanks. Please stop telling people to update to the latest iTunes/iPod Updater, it´s only going to ruin their Shuffle. Apple should ACKNOWLEDGE that there´s a problem and FIX IT!
    It´s not possible that all of sudden so many people complain about the same problem and Apple just ignores it or look at you as you have three heads. Kinda like 'Problem? What problem? I don´t see anything...'
    PC, Windows XP
  • KarenD Calculating status...
    This was my experience today right out of the box!

    Brand new iPod Shuffle. From what I've read I think it might be a problem with the newest software or maybe a manufacturing problem. Or maybe incompatibility with the G5. I don't know.

    I was excited to use it so I'm really disappointed it doesn't work, but at least I think I should be able to return it and get my money back.


    I hope you find an answer. I've spent all day on it but now I'm just giving up!
    G5, Mac OS X (10.3.5)
  • vinbot Level 1 Level 1 (50 points)
    I, along with undoubtedly thousands of others, am having the EXACT same problem with my 1 gig shuffle. And I agree, being charged a $30 "postage and handling" fee for a product UNDER WARRANTY is ridiculous. You would think Apple would at least acknowledge the problem, but I guess the lowly shuffle isn't high on their priority list. (Never mind the fact that owners of the lowly shuffle also own G5 towers, 5th gen iPods, etc.)
    Quite this a taste of what's to come as Apple gains in popularity?
    eMac 800 MHz, Mac OS X (10.4.3)
  • Sarotti Calculating status...
    I bought my iPod beginning of this year and it worked fine for some month. One day it wouldn´t be recognized by my iMac just after installing iTunes 6. So I got it changed by Apple under warranty but the replacement iPod is ony recoginzed by iTunes, and not by the updater. iIcan not listen to music at all, I´ve got only the green and organe flashing lights.

    And apple support pages always tell to use ipod updater for re-install your ipod but what to do if the update does not recognize the iPod? Then theit advice is really "helpfull".
    I will try to replace it once again as it´s still under warranty, but this is really annoying, and I might stop bying Apple at all.
    iMac G5, Mac OS X (10.3.9)
  • laureng Calculating status...
    i am also having this problem and no idea why it is happening! was woking fine until yesterday when i went to charge it up. Now the charge button is lightening up-after bein on charge for 4 hrs but is flashing orange and green! i have already sen t one ipod shuffle back and now have to again!
    Windows XP
  • confusedinm Calculating status...
    I have had the same problem happen just several days ago. My 512mb ipod shuffle continues to flash green on the back and orange on the front at the samt time with no recognition at all from my windows pc. It was fine until this week after letting it sit overnight to charge. I can play it and it seems to be accepting battery charge but I cannot download new music or for that matter any more itunes music since it does not appear in this folder either. I'm pretty much left to the 15 songs or so I currently have on it. I also notice that after madonnas latest download on my ipod shuffle the ipod cuts off on me and i Must re-set the ipod by turning it off. This is strange because the day I downloaded off her album on itunes was the same day my ipod went on the flashing mode. I'm not placing blame on the download by why is the ipod flashing and not being recognize. And why is it cutting off on me after this specific and most recent download. I have limited warranty but do not know who and or where to send ipod for servicing.
    hp pavilion mx70, Windows XP
  • ratman Calculating status...
    I am having the same problems. I tried online chat help, phone help, and reloading the original software but nothing helped. My shuffle is now empty and useless. I am awaiting a replacement from apple.
  • Michael Styne Calculating status...
    One more dead green/orange flashing iPod, purchased at the end of March.

    I'm not entirely surpised, this particular Shuffle (maybe not indicative of all Shuffles, just the one I bought) was a lemon from the start.

    It didn't actually "shuffle" quite well, and couldn't play some songs _bought from the iTMS_ without crashing. I've used it maybe a dozen times total since I bought it.
  • richw Calculating status...
    Same exact problem for me....very, very frustrating. I already encountered this problem back in August, and after trying everything possible I sent my shuffle back for a replacement unit. The new one worked well for the last two months until this week when I attempted to update my shuffle software. That's when the problem repeated and the familiar green and orange flashing lights reappeared.

    SOMETHING IS VERY WRONG HERE!! It appears that updating the shuffle software is causing this problem. Once again I now have an ipod shuffle that will only blink green and orange lights. I have no choice now but to send my replacement ipod shuffle back for yet another replacement. I only hope that Apple will defer any fees or charges for this service as my original ipod shuffle warranty is now about 8 months old. APPLE--Please help!! Your loyal customers want and need to know what is happening with their ipod shuffles. Many of us are your most loyal customers and are likely to purchase your products in the future.
  • adnerb Calculating status...
    I have a 1gb shuffle, apples web site tells me was
    registered on 18 April 2005 so i cant get comp

    It worked fine until a few weeks ago when on hitting
    play I got no sound just the alternating flashing of
    the green and orange light. It had been standing a
    few days after a recharge from the front USB port of
    my Dual G5 Mac it was working when inserted and i
    pulled it out and put it aside fully charged until i
    needed to use it

    I have read a number of threads on this topic not of
    which appear to have an answer to solve my problems

    My iPod updater software is 4.4 although i also have
    When i insert the iPod neither versions recognise the
    iPod as attached Ihave tested this on my G4 1.33 Al
    powerbook which has a lot older versions of the iPod
    updater and none of them confirm the iPod is
    Checking 'About this Mac', under the Apple menu the
    iPod is listed as attached to the fast USB port and
    gives a serial number 000A2700101BA8FE which is not
    the same as is written on the case.

    I have been maintaining my 'software update' as
    current as is possible and I know I recently recall
    taking both upgrades to iTunes and an iPod updater
    which conicided with the nano and the video launch
    although i did not recall manually applying the new
    updater to the Shuffle but i believe with the shuffle
    iTunes may be able to manage upgrading shuffle
    firmware when it is connected without the users
    knowledge. It appears to have expired about the time
    these upgrades appeared. I am prepered to accept this
    may not be co-incidental.

    Have Apple introduced a bug during the firmware
    upgrade to some or all iPod shuffles that kills them?
    Have Apple confirmed there is a problem? Will it be
    possible for a forthcoming firmware update to correct
    this issue? Has anyone had this problem arise during
    normal cycle of use without the shuffle being
    connected to its mother computer (mac or pc)
    immediatly prior to it first being a problem.

    If anyone has experienced the same process and
    symptoms listed above occuring and killing their iPod
    Shuffle please drop you name here and any thing you
    noted. Likewise anyone who had these symptoms and
    found a way to force the shuffle to wake up and
    become visible to the computer any tips on this will
    be very welcome


    I was pleased with IPOD shuffle UNTIL I now have the "dreaded" flashing green/orange light!! I do not believe this because my 90 days to return this junk to the store was Nov. 12. It looks to me that the problem is that latest download. I will be asking Apple for a replacement.
  • Race Calculating status...
    I have a 1GB iPod Shuffle that was purchased on June 17 of this year. It worked perfectly until about a week ago. It now exhibits the dreaded green and orange flashing lights when I push the play button. I use a Dell XPS and my computer now sees the iPod as an unformatted removable drive. The iTunes software no longer recognizes the iPod.

    I downloaded the iPod Updater 2005-10-12 software. When I run it, I get an error message that says, "iPod Service Error". Very cryptic message with no alternative other than pressing "OK". Which shuts down the Updater software.

    Based on other people's comments, it appears that the only alternative is to take it to one of the retail stores and ask for a replacement.

    If anyone has another suggestion, or if Apple is no recognizing that this is a recurring problem, please let me know.
  • confusedinm Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Due to the lack of attention given to us by the makers of the ipod shuffle. I recommend that all those affected with this problem contact the Attorney Generals Office in your state ,file complaint there first then contact the Better Business Bureau and file complaint there as well. It's realy simple. Sooner or later the AG's office will contact you back and let you know of a resolution if any or lawsuit filing or pending to come of this situation. I think it's also a good idea to contact your local TV and or Radio Station or both and let them know that this is going on so they can inform the purchasing public before they buy this product . There are many accounts here regarding this situation for them to clearly see there is a problem . Trust me on this one folks...this is no fluke and there are many affected and you could be saving someones Very Merry X-Mas.
    hp pavilion mx70, Windows XP
  • jboehle Calculating status...
    This happened to me last night. First time I'd hooked it up to the computer since I used the latest iPod Updater on it (10-12, I think). It was working fine until I plugged it in to the computer. The computer or iTunes never recognized it. I took it out of the computer, and now whenever I press Play, it flashes the green/orange lights at me. Guess I'll have to look up my warranty info.
    iPod shuffle 1GB, Windows XP
  • Sandau Calculating status...
    i've had the same problem...but intermittantly. some times it'll load songs...then i'll walk away with it, and blinking lights...then i'll plug it back in, won't recognize it. reboot...and its back. bizarre. if it keeps up, i'm bringing it back, i bought it back in january....oooooh.
    Mac MINI, Mac OS X (10.4.3)
  • Race Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Believe it or not, following the specific instructions in the article

    worked for me, but it took a lot of work.

    I followed all of the steps outlined in the article. It ultimately worked but it was touch and go with iPod Updater 2005-10-12 software. When it would try and initialize, I would get a long error message that stated, "iPod Updater 2005-10-12 can not continue because there are other applications using iPod. Please close all iPod applications and try again."

    Now, don't get me wrong, long error messages are much better than short ones! At the time, it wasn't obvious to me that there were other iPod applications running. But when I pulled up the Windows Task Manager and looked at the active processes, the iPodService.exe file was running. I killed that process and relaunched the updater and then I could restore my iPod.

    While it was painful, at least I didn't have to take it back to the store for a replacement

    Dell XPS   Windows XP  
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