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When I sync my iPad with itunes, it is duplicating appts on the calendar. What's the fix?

iPad, iPhone OS 3.1.3
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    I had the same problem. What I did was clear the calendar completely on the iPad and resyncing. First off, do you use MobileMe to keep your calendar in sync? If so, turn off calendar syncing on the iPad in email settings and then pick the choice to not keep the appointments on your iPad. This will erase all appointments on your iPad but not on your computer obviously. Then turn on calendar syncing again on your iPad and it should put all appts. back in there without duplication.

    If you don't use Mobile Me, I would go into the sync settings in itunes for the calendar when your iPad is plugged in and, in much the same way as the mobile me tactic, turn off calendar syncing to have the sync remove items from the calendar and then, when that is done, set it back to syncing calendar and then sync it. Hope that helps.
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    I have the same problem, but the above suggestions haven't worked for me. I have also tried overwriting MobileMe with what is on my computer (thinking that perhaps I was getting calendar data from both MobileMe and my computer duplicated onto my iPad) but still got duplicates. Tried manually deleting all the events on my iPad calendar, but then after resync still have duplicates.
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    I'm so relieved to hear so many others are having iPad/iPhone syncing problems. I'm so frustrated. Some appts duplicating 60+ times, even after deleting all of them before.

    I've been to the genius bar 3 times and each time it starts all over again. Now have nearly 40 hours into trying to fix something that is supposed to make my life easier and more oganized. Help Apple!!!
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    I assume you are using MobileMe, if so, do the following:
    Restore your iPad, just to be sure all data are erased. Set the iPad up as a new device - don't let iTunes use one of your backups. When you set up your MobileMe account on the iPad (calendar, address book) a dialog pops up, here you have to pick the "merge data" option.

    Thats it

    enjoy your magic machine
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    I too am having the same problems since purchasing my iPad. I depend very heavily on my calendar as a therapist and it's very annoying to find duplicates. Now I am experiencing "dropped" appointments and fear that I cannot rely on the calendar. Anyone exp. dropped appointments?

    (My calendar lives on my MacBook Pro and is synced via MobileMe.)
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    I was having the exact same problem with my iPad. Here is how I solved my duplicate appointment problem. I opened the Calendar App, then selected the "calendars" button in the top left corner. I then checked only one calendar - mine being exchange. My exchange calendar already syncs with my cpu so there was no need for me to have both. This seemed to resolve my problem of duplicate appointments. I did notice that on all of my appointments there was either an orange or a purple dot. The purple was exchange and the orange was cpu. Regardless, that fixed my problem, not sure if it will help others.
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    Sorted me out a treat!!!!


    I only have one calender ticked now, as suggested and all works fine here         :-)

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    I had the same problem. FYI, that I was not using MobileMe previously.  Here is the fix that worked for me. Both iphone and ipad must be updated to OS 5.0 and set up to use iCloud. Then for both, go into "Info" in iTunes and uncheck "sync calendars." Apply and sync both again. Duplicates disappear - voila!