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I am ingesting into FSsvr using log and transfer. I am using the media metadata set with the addition of the FCP log and capture fields.

When I ingest clips i find that some of them (randomly it seems) do not appear to have the log and transfer metadata attached.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?



mac pro/ Xserve, Mac OS X (10.6.4), xserve with ActiveRAID
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    Are you adding any of the metadata after the Log & Transfer process, ie: via the Browser in Final Cut Pro? This metadata is only written to the file entered during the Log & Transfer process.

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    thanks for getting back to me.

    No, the metadata is only being logged as i ingest the clip using log and transfer. I click the clip, log my data in and hit the button which adds the clip to the queue.

    I have been working on a solution and the following seems to work:
    -log and transfer all my clips adding the metadata as I go
    -verify all the clips are in the project bin - save the project locally
    -verify all clips are inside the newly created production in the FCserver catalogue - some will have viewable metadata others, for some reason, do not!
    -drag and drop the FCP project into the production on FCserver, bring it in.
    -double click the FCP project and double click an asset within it (these should be automatically associated by bringing in the FCP project which was saved after LandC)
    -click on the 'final cut pro logging' tab - the Metadata should be here, even if it isnt viewable on the asset itself - i.e before it was catalogued relevant to the FCP project.

    This isnt ideal, but its a kind of work around for the time being.

    i'm going to look into mapping my own metadata.

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    You can also use a script that can pull all of the metadata from a fcp project and add tat metadata to all the related assets. If you want more than just the log and transfer metadata this may be a way to go.

    Jason Perr
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    Thanks - this sounds good. How do I do it?

    Also, how on earth do I delete my jobs list?

    I have been uploading a 1.5TB project file which seems to have gotten screwed up. There are tonnes of Transcoded which say 'transcoding' but don't seem to be doing anything. I would rather just delete the job and start again, but other than cancelling 1500+ jobs individually it would be nice if i could hit 'cancel all' any ideas?

    Thank you - Much appreciated

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    "Apple Pro Training Series: Final Cut Server 1.5" A must have for all users.

    In the Administration window, go to Metadata Set, the open the Media set. Add these two groups to the set, all that info is already there:
    "FCP Log & Transfer"

    That's all there is to it.