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I've been having trouble with YouTube videos for a while now, seemingly ever since YouTube changed the way their pages look a few months ago. The problems are seemingly randomly intermittent. Sometimes YouTube works fine, other times it doesn't work at all.

In the YouTube app, whether I got to a video by tapping a link or by searching within the app, it says "Could not load movie". If I try to watch a video using the desktop version of YouTube.com in Safari, a blue lego and warning message appear signifying the absence of Adobe Flash Player. Before I started having this problem, a "play triangle" inside a circle would appear, which, when tapped, would play the video. If I try to use YouTube mobile (m.youtube.com) in Safari, a thumbnail of the video comes up and has a "play triangle" inside a curved rectangle, but when I tap it, either nothing happens or the page just reloads.

I realize that I could probably fix the problem by restoring or by updating to iOS 4, but restoring takes way too long and I don't feel like reinstalling all my apps, and iOS 4 lags terribly on my iPod. My iPod is jailbroken, but it has nothing to do with the problems I'm having with YouTube.

What can I do to be able to watch YouTube videos again?

Second-generation 8GB iPod Touch, iPhone OS 3.1.2
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    make the effort to restore. it's the only logical way..and mentioning that you've jailbroken your iPod isn't gonna get you anywhere with Apple as they do not condone such activities.

    i know that ios4 for 2nd gen iTouch *****, but it may fix it.