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Can someone please guide me in uninstalling this useless ios4 on my 3G phone since Apple will not release a downgrade of any sort. I am sick of having my phone run and turtle pace all because of an operating software that it should have never been told it could run!

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    no thanks, I'd rather keep it legal. Apple hello? What can I do with this 3G phone that won't work worth a darn besides being conned into buying a new iphone 4 like you probably suggest!!!!!
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    This appears to be related to Spotlight Search. I found a fix here that worked for me:
    http://www.davekawalec.com/2010/07/3-steps-to-fix-iphone-3g-slowness-after-ios4- upgrade/

    "1. Turn off Spotlight Search: Go to Settings | General | Home Button | Spotlight Search, and uncheck everything
    2. Reboot your iPhone 3G: Just a normal power down and restart
    3. Turn Spotlight Search back on: Go back to same screen as step 1, and re-check everything you unchecked in Step 1"
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    What have you done to troubleshoot?
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    Trouble shoot? Have you seen this thread?

    Shutting down spotlight has only minimal improvements. Hard reset works for one or two days at best.
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    there is no solution - put 3.1.3 back on = a happy user.

    I downgraded to 3.1.3 its not too hard to do (cant give you links - apple dont want you to downgrade - but do an internet search for "iphone 3g downgrade 3.1.3" or remove iphone OS4...

    basically all you need is the correct 3.1.3 firmware (might be in your recycle bin - iOS4 deletes your old one in the hope you dont find it - if not you can download it from a few places, make sure its the one for your model - iphone 3G)
    hold left shift when clicking restore & it'll ask you which one you want to use (otherwise itll be the same 4.0.1 or whatever you used last, point it at the 3.1.3 one)
    let it restore & you need recboot to finish it (& libUSB too especially if your using vista)

    when I did it I lost everything so make sure you back up everything 1st.

    but yeah, 3.1.3 works just like you remembered it & all the apps you updated to be 4.0 compatible still work with 3.1.3

    & http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html - give them feeback - they wont reply, but if enough are logged maybe they will bother to do something....just dont hold your breath.
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    This seems to be working for me too. Everything seems faster, especially maps. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks!
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    yeah it works ok for about a day or 2 like said but then opening apps, trying to type a text is just unfreakinbelieveably slow!!!!