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I was hired to fill a vacant position that had included in its duties the job of managing the iTunesU account for our school. That system had not been setup at that time so it sat as a dormant project. That information was not passed on to me and I'm not sure how to go about getting that information transferred to me. I want to get started on the project this year. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

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    The best thing to do is to get in touch with your local Apple account executive (referred to as an "AE" within Apple circles). This person is in the best place to mediate between you and the iTunes U folks in Cupertino (he/she can vouch for you and let the iTunes U people know that you're the person who's now acting as your school's iTunes U admin). Every higher-ed school is assigned an AE by Apple (generally one AE serves as a contact for a pretty significant number of schools). An AE would be the person with whom, say, you would coordinate the purchase of set of machines for a Mac lab. If you have a campus reseller…say you sell Macs/iPads through your school bookstore…that organization will know who your AE is. Alternatively, there is a number you can call (Dave Sawyer or Aiden Tozer always has to remind me of what it is) and be directed to your AE through Apple intermediaries.

    But Step One is this process is to locate your school's Apple AE and establish a working relationship…AEs exist to help with this kind of stuff (among other things ).
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    Chiming in:

    If you don't know your campus AE, you can all 800-800-2775 and someone in Education Inside Sales can tell you.


    (Rich, just remember "800" and "APPL". It also on the Contact Page, from the Contact Us link on each of these pages. Cheers.)