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I'm running FCServer on an iMac, and I'm currently looking for the best solution for giving co-workers outside of our office network remote access to our FCS database. The main purpose for this is for remote users to screen and download episode segments and movies from our database.

I was initially thinking VPN would be the only solution, but then I saw Snow Leopard Server has 'Mobile Access Server' built right into the OS, which appears designed to help users avoid having to use a VPN.

Before I go out and buy SLS for the company, I want to be sure it will work. Am I correct that Snow Leopard Server, and the built-in Mobile Access Server, will allow users outside of our network remote access to our FCSrvr database?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. And if this question is better suited for a different forum please let me know as well.

Thank you!
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    Take a look at the Media Silo Final Cut Server (FCSvr) cloud companion.
    They have integration with FCSvr for these types of workflows specifically.


    Hope this helps.

    Nicholas Stokes
    XPlatform Consulting
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    Mobile Access Server will give outside access as VPN would, which will be handy if you want to access Final Cut Server using the Java client app. It will also give you VPN access for non-FCSvr uses, like email and Web.

    If all you want is a subset of your FCSvr database, then you could also publish selected content to a Web/FTP/WebDAV server in your DMZ.

    MediaSilo can automate this type of solution for you, and also make sure content is accessible to iPhones and other mobile devices.

    In other words, the two solutions aren't mutually exclusive.
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    Hmmm... Thanks for the replies.
    I posted this question in the OS X Server forum and got this response:

    +"I haven't used Final Cut Server, but I'm pretty sure the Mobile Access Server wouldn't work with it. MAS works with plain HTTP, and the Address Book, iCal, and Mail (SMTP and IMAP) services; but FCServer is only partly HTTP-based, and I don't think even the HTTP part will work due to how MAS authenticates HTTP clients. Also, you might be thinking about using MAS as the same computer as FCServer, and it won't work that way -- MAS needs to be on a separate (internet-facing) computer from the actual origin server (which should be firewalled from the internet).+

    +I'd go back to thinking about VPN... "+

    Can anyone offer any more insight into this for me? I'm just an audio/video post-production guy, so this is all a little outside of my training.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    That sounds right. I had assumed you could remap any port but it sounds like MAS is restricted to just the pre-determined ports.

    Final Cut Server uses the following: