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I have not taken the phone apart to verify as I do not get paid for such things but I believe that the problem that you are having with the Iphone 4 is with relation to the gyro-meter and the antenna configuration. When the phone is in the horizontal plane the reception is normal. When it is in the vertical plane it receives interference from the now displaced element in the mechanism. This would not have become evident in reception tests if they all took place on the horizontal plane as I would expect they did, on a workbench using an outside source for comparison. On a test model, should that device be removed and then the phone be tested I would imagine all reception issues will disappear. Should Apple wish to send me an active phone I can conduct this test for them and document the findings. I would however charge Apple for my time in that case. The final solution is much simpler I believe. If the two items can not be moved within the housing due to limitations of size and configuration then a new antenna must be designed around the device rather then behind it. For existing units, they should be swapped at the local AT&T store and the customer should be given some sort of perk for the inconvenience. Something stupid is usually fine. Just something to show that you know that you are fixing a problem, but that you are still fixing it and no one fixes problems better then Apple! My thought would be whatever accessory costs Apple the least to give away or you have sitting in the warehouse in droves! Kill two birds with one stone.

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