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When I try to sync photo's to my ipod touch from a iPhoto library that is shared in a folder within the "Users" directory - I get an error that says "You cannot sync your ipod touch as you do not have enough privileges ..." or something very similar.

I used to sync my own iPhoto library without issue and I think (but cannot be sure) that the issue arose when I went to a shared library.

I am pretty sure it is the photos that are creating the problem as when I turn off the option to sync photos all other sync processes complete without error.

I have repaired permissions on my disk (twice)
I have restored my ipod touch once
I have checked to see that permissions are set correctly on the iTunes library.

None of this has solved the problem. One other note of interest, even though the sync is not completing properly my Macbook is seeing the structure of the library file as my sync options mirror the events and folder structure that exists within the shared library.

I hope someone can help and I welcome any direction or suggestions.

I have checked the permissions on the actual library and

MacBook C2D, Mac OS X (10.5.2)