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What would cause my iPod touch battery to run down, even if it is off? My iPod is NOT even a year old yet. Any ideas? Any one else have the same issue?

HP HDX18, Windows 7
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    i am having the exact problem. i charge it one day and the next day even though i haven't used it the battery is dead. and again its not a year old yet i have only had it 8 months. Help!
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    This issue is revisited in several threads on this forum. You can read a myriad of theories but to my estimation, the only real answer can be found in [this thread|http://discussions.apple.com/message.jspa?messageID=11987618#11987618|Th e sad truth about iPod/iPhone battery life].

    It basically boils down to using iTunes to perform the "Restore" to factory settings.

    The fact of the matter is that it could be WiFi, Notifications, multi-tasking (even if 2nd Gen iPods do support it) or a thousand other things. The only thing I can save for sure is that there are deep, system level settings that are either corrupt or, most likely, obsolete. Settings that vary so widely from user to user that the only one can be certain that they have all been eliminated is to flush them all and start over.

    Not a very scientific solution, but an effective one.

    If you find this suggestion ludicrous and unreasonable, feel free to read my other posts on the topic. You'll find me to be a confederate.
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    Thanks for the useless information.

    Already did the "factory restore" witch seems to be first thing to do on the I don't know what the problem is list. So the so called flush and start over idea, does NOT resolve the issue either.

    One would think if there is a "thread" a mile long. One would think that is a major issue, and it needs to be resolved. Hello RED FLAG!!!!
    But Apple is to busy trying to figure out the iPhone4 mess up.(mess up is NOT the first word of my choice)
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    My friend had the EXACT same problem with hers, but it was over a year old. You probably have a defective battery or something. If it's under warantee (sp?) then apple should replace it. If not, you should get a new battery. I'd take it into the apple story and they'd give you a better idea on what to do.
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    if your on ios4 your probably running alot of things in the multitasking window. delete the runing programs from there like if your deleting an app (it wont delete the app) it drains the battery tyo run many things
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    dude heres some suggestionns, first turn off wifi if not needed, second turn ur brightness down, 3rd, fully charge ur ipod to 100 and then do not charge it agian until the whole battery runs out and if u have ios 4.0, dont multitask things if not needed.
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    @tinkie1993 My Warranty will expire on Dec. My iPod is not even a year old yet. I do like the idea of taking into a Apple store, however there are none in my area to take it to. Unless I drive 500 miles.

    Many of you are missing the point of the issue. The issue I am having is *NOT when the iPod is on*. *It's when it is OFF.* Therefore, the wifi, or the multitasking are NOT being used if it's off.

    *Example: I will charge it to 100%. The next morning when I get up and turn it on, the battery will read 20%.* This is the issue. There should be *NOTHING RUNNING WHEN IT IS OFF.* *TO CAUSE THE BATTERY TO RUN DOWN THAT MUCH*.

    And yes I have ran the battery all the way down, and recharged it to 100% Three times. Although I have noticed this all started after I did update to iOS 4. Witch I don't think can be reversed?

    But now I am leaning to having to send it to Apple for repair. Witch I hate to do. Apple is so sloooooooooow in getting things done.
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    I'd call tech support. This is NOT a problem that will go away on it's own. You need a battery replacement. If you REALLY want, go to iresq.com and they'll tell you where to ship your iTouch to get a battery replacement. I've never tried it, but when my iTouch broke, the guy at the apple store said I could get it fixed there. And even if it's under a year old, the battery could be defective and THAT'S why it's wearing down so quickly. It's not any programs or anything. I know EXACTLY what you're talking about.
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    Many of you are missing the point of the issue. The issue I am having is NOT when the iPod is on. It's when it is OFF. Therefore, the wifi, or the multitasking are NOT being used if it's off.

    I am having the same problem with my iPod Touch (32 GB model bought in July 2008). The battery seems to drain when it is turned off.

    Another test I did is fully charge the battery and let it play music for 2 hours with the earphones connected. The battery charge went down some but it worked w/o a problem. So this leaves me to believe that this is not a battery problem.

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    Olaf. I had the same symptoms. Not clear if you have tried a restore.
    Restore fixed it for me. In iTunes, the iPod summary page has a restore option - "if you are having problems with your iPod". Do it. A restore fixed my battery problems.
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    This is an issue many people have had.

    I actually went so far as to wipe out my iPod and set it up as a new device with no apps, music, video, etc to troubleshoot this issue.

    I had tried the normal stuff people recommended like turning off push mail, notifications, etc. Nothing helped.

    I found through all my troubleshooting that the "Location Services" is what is causing the battery drain. It is constantly looking for WIFI access points around you to determine your location. Since the iPod doesn't have a GPS in it, it uses the wifi.

    Turning off "Location Services" made the battery go back to normal for me.