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Hi, I tried importing a track and using the pitch bend feature and it caused the music to have some odd echo sound. I had the same issue on two different tracks. One was piano and the other acoustic guitar. I found somewhere that the method used by Garageband to pitch bend was not very sophisticated. Is that true? Does logic use a better method for this than Garageband? Or, is there a reasonably priced piece of software that could handle this for me?

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    Suggest using the AUPitch effect. Piano and Guitar would work well (I suppose) with the Complex or Percussive presets to start with.

    Below taken from: http://www.macworld.com/article/152667/2010/07/pitchgb.html

    "Like the Track Editor’s Pitch slider, AUPitch lets you raise the overall pitch of a track up or down. But unlike Pitch, AUPitch has a few different parameters to help reduce artifacts and produce natural sounding tone. Your success using any of these controls will depend on your source material, but here are a few guidelines:

    Maximum Render Quality is not necessarily best. In some cases I’ve had best results with Medium.
    100 Cents is a half step, and 1200 Cents is one octave.
    Effects Blend, if not at 100, will mix the original sound with the pitch-shifted sound.
    Turn Smoothness up to remove certain kinds of artifacts.
    Turn Tightness down to remove other kinds of artifacts, but at the expense of losing some depth; if it sounds too “thin,” bring it back up."