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I recently downgraded from iCal Beta as I was unhappy with the push function between my iPad and what was updated via a web browser. In the process, I made a back up for the iCal as icbu file (following file-export-export).
After downgrading it to normal iCal, I tried to import the icbu file. It appears successful for a few seconds, but as soon as the circle image starts rotating all the backed up data are gone. What gives? Here are some of the things I have tried:
1, I have tried importing the file while logged off from my MobileMe account. This changes nothing.
2, I have tried replacing the "Calendars" folder with the one backed up in Time Machine. The same thing happens. I get a flash of what was backed up, but it disappears. During this process, I have also replaced the iCal related files in the preferences from Time Machine and I am not logged into my MobileMe account.
3, I have tried importing the backed up icbu file to Google Calendar and this didn't work either.

Can somebody help me out? My schedule along with memo for my appointments have gone M.I.A.


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