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I have a Mac Mini with bootcamp installed and Windows XP installed on my bootcamp partition.
In the Mac startup disc settings, I have MacOS selected as the startup disc. Even so, my machine will periodically boot into Windows XP even though I have not changed the startup disc. When this happens, in Windows I go to the Bootcamp console, select MacOS as the startup disc, restart the computer and it boots into MacOs. Within about four or five days, however, the system AGAIN reverts to Windows XP on bootup BY ITSELF. Has anyone had this problem?

Mac Mini, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    More of a workaround than a solution - But when I used Boot Camp for Windows before switching to Parallels, I would occasionally get the same problem (although randomly) and I just became used to holding down the option key at startup and pressing enter after a few seconds so that I guaranteed the Mac would boot up to OS X.

    Maybe try repairing disk permissions from Disk Utility? If Boot Camp has any .plist or similar files (not sure) you might want to try trashing those too.
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    Have you tried reseting the PRAM? One of the things stored in there is the startup disk, which might not be getting saved correctly.