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Forgive me if this has been covered before...

Is there any way to look at every asset in FCSvr?
Or more specifically assets not linked to any production? (just sitting in never-never land)

And while I am asking - any suggestions for cleaning up unused / non used / non-needed assets?
And is there a way to locate just these?



g5, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Nicholas Stokes Level 2 Level 2 (490 points)
    Answer 1). There no way in the GUI to display every asset in FCSvr, the search results are limited at 2500.

    Answer 2). Using some of the FCSvr command line tools a middleware application could be crafted that for example would return a list of assets that aren't linked to any production. Lot of work, but could be done.

    Answer 3). I need a little more specifics about what you're trying to accomplish

    Hope this helps.

    Nicholas Stokes
    XPlatform Consulting
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    Thank you Nicholas...

    I suspect we have a lot of "orphan" clips of video, audio, pictures and other things on our server that aren't being used (or ever will be), as we integrate a backup system for our material, I'd also like to get rid of stuff we haven't used. But I have to be able to see it to determine if I want it.

    Of course items linked to our productions are easy to figure out, but just like a regular computer hard drive, I am sure we have a bit of clutter as well.

    I'll study upon command line utilization, but I was kind of hoping for something easier (especially from apple!)

    Any advice would be really welcome!