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I upgraded my iPhone 3GS from 4.0 to 4.1 yesterday. After the upgrade the signal is very poor.
Entering in field test i get:
-92 db if the phone is on the table
-110 db if i take it in hand.
Moreover now the phone loss signal in place where before i can make call:
1) With 4.0 i can make call from elevator, now with 4.1 i get: searching, and then no signal.
2) Same thing in the stairs
3) at home where with 4.0 i had full signal now only -89 db.

Don't say is a hardware problem, because the phone was perfect before update to 4.1. There is no problem with tower cell.
The problem is the update to 4.1 and the related update of the baseband.
Please do somenthing and quickly because now in these condition my iPhone 3GS can't be used like phone, but only like mp3 player.
My operator is "Tre Italia"

iPhone 3GS, iOS 4
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