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A problem recently sprung up with the SD memory card that I use in my camera. This card has worked fine for several years, but just recently started giving me this problem. When I import photos from the card, I am no longer able to delete the photos on import using iPhoto. The option is simply not available. I took a closer look at the disk itself using Disk Utility and found that it is formatted FAT-16 and is currently read-only. I'd like to reformat the card, since I'm the only one that uses it and I have all the photos off of it, but I am not able to. No options are available in Disk Utility other than "Verify Disk". All of the other buttons under the "First Aid", "Erase", and "Partition" tabs are grayed out. This is true if I select in the Disk Utility left-hand pane either the memory card itself or the card reader that I use to connect the card to the computer.

So, any ideas what could be going on here? More importantly, how can I nuke this memory card and reformat it (or whatever else I have to do) to get it working properly again?

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MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)