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Hi, my question is how many times can I extend the range on my airport express? I currently have three airport express's I would like to use. I used my first airport to create a network and I checked on the box where it says "allow network to be extended". Then on the second airport, I just simply then told it to extend over the first airports signal, which worked flawlessly. Now on the third airport when I tell it to extend the range it goes through the setup successfully but the signal strength is not improved around that airport. It does not seem to make my signal stronger. I would like to have your thoughts on this.

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    Think of it like photocopying a photocopy. The more you extend the weaker the signal becomes. Though it will still be stronger than having just a single signal.

    See http://tech.ifelix.net/1031.html
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    Welcome to the discussions, Deep Blue Sky!

    You may not understand how Apple's "extend a wireless network" setup works. The configuration works like the hub and spokes of a wheel. Your main router, the first Express, is the "hub". Any other "remote" devices that you setup to "extend" are located at the ends of the spokes.

    The devices at the end of the spokes communicate directly to the hub. They do not communicate with devices at the ends of other spokes. It sounds like your third device may be located too far from the main device to pick up the signal from your main AirPort Express, or "hub". Is that a possibility?