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Besides the obvious size and superdrive difference, is there any preference between the 12" and 14"? I have read that the 12" screen is sharper and is better overall. What do the real Mac users think?? Thanks for your input.

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    The 12" display is sharper. It's also (obviously) smaller and lighter which is better for portability, and that's kind of what a laptop is for. Unless you need the superdrive, I recommend getting the 12" then getting at least a 19" LCD for home. Then use Span Doctor, so you can use both monitors.
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    I recently bought the 12in and the screen is sharp, and I support everything the previous responent said about the portability, beauty, etc. of the 12 in model. However, something you should certainly think about is how much time you spend on the computer and whether or not you'll read a lot of material on it. As a PhD student, I am finding a 12 in screen quite tiring on my eyes! And often, the text on many websites comes up quite tiny, and when you make the text bigger, it loses sharpness... These are questions you should consider when you decide on what size you choose. If I could make my own decision again, as someone who is currently writing a thesis, I might make the additional investment for the 15in powerbook...
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    I agonized over the same thing, but finally decided that less eye-fatigue was worth more than portability. Actually, I find my 14" quite portable, but admittedly, the 12" would be more so. I just found that screen to small, especially for Photoshop (which I use on the go).

    Of course, I'm no longer in my bright-eyed 20's -- probably a big factor in how the screen appears to me.
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    Go for the 12". You will be satisfied by the 12" because it is nice and small with a crisp display. I honestly don't understand why Apple just stretched the pixels from the 12" to the 14" and made the resolution go down. The 12" is the best iBook there is I think.

    My opionion,

    PS The 14" is too big, my friend bought one and it didn't fit in his bag. As a dorm student traveling is huge at least for me so I wanted one to fit in my bag.
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    i'll be the odd-ball - i got a 14" about a month ago - and i love it. i don't find the text fuzzy at all - even comparing it to my old gateway solo i had which was about the same size and resolution. i love having the superdrive in it also - mainly since i do lots of burning and didn't have a dvd-burner before so it was something i was needing. it also seems like people who complain about keyboard problems seem to be 12" owners... :-P *just my observation on the majority i have read with keyboard issues and other stuff* but, i enjoy it - i use it alongside my 19" w/ spanning doctor for an extended desktop sometimes - no issues there either. it also would of been hard for me to switch from my old laptop screen to a smaller one :-P cost a little more, but i'm totally happy with it. i have a notebook backpack for my college classes so i have room for books and it fits perfectly w/ room to spare *will get a new one - more girlish though .. radtech.us has some nice bags. good luck with you buying
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    I have a 14" and my sister has a 12". I like mine much better. It is a bit bigger, yes, but the Superdrive makes it well worth the size difference. For storage alone, DVD's hold seven times more data than CDs. That is really a big deal. Put it another way, I could carry files around on 7 cds or one dvd. I find the 12" screen to be very small and reading on it nearly impossible for long periods of time. So, I'd go with a 14". This is my second one (previous was a G3) and I love it!

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    Working as a graphic designer, I've got several Macs I have the fortune to work on. My primary system is the latest 17" PowerBook which I hook up to a 23" Cinema display. The setup offers a lot to work with and the PowerBook makes a great desktop substitue on the go. If you are looking for the best portability + screen real estate, this system setup can't be beat.

    However, I recently did a freelance job for a friend who was moving on to a G5 and selling his new 12" iBook. I decided to do a trade in service for the iBook and I can say I find myself on the 12" iBook more often than I thought. It is extremely portable and I find myself using it in places where I would never take the PowerBook.

    I recently helped my sister upgrade from her old graphite iBook G3 to a new 14" iBook. Both iBooks are great, but in my opinion the 12" does appear crisper and more compact. I would say if you want extreme durability and portability, the 12" is the way to go. I don't feel like I need to baby it so much like I do the PowerBook. The 12" just "feels right" for the average user (word processing, iTunes, e-mail, iPhoto, light Photoshop, etc.)

    If you, however, need built-in DVD burning capabilities (like she did) the 14" iBook is a great choice. The caveat though, is it only offers single layer burning. If you want dual layer burning capabilities, you'll need to upgrade to a 15" or 17" PowerBook, or invest in an external burner.

    If my DVD authoring needs were light, I'd probably go with the 12" iBook + external dual layer burner. Or, wait until after January's MacWorld (if you can wait) to see what Apple may potentially offer then.