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I set up NetBoot on a 10.6 mini server with the intention of using the feature to image clients as well as to use diskutil for disk diagnostic and repair.

I have no trouble booting into my NetBoot image. However, when I attempt to image the booted client's internal HD, I am unable to get the HD to unmount. If I force an unmount then the applications on the NetBoot image will not function correctly. It would seem that there is a lock on the internal volume. Dragging it to the trash or doing an unmountDisk yields a disk in use error.

I am wondering if perhaps I have a corrupted shadow file, or otherwise perhaps I should re-create my boot image?

Thanks for anything you care to offer.

Mac mini SL server, Mac OS X (10.6.4), Casper
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    I have more to offer now in regard to troubleshooting.

    It seems as though the netboot client is failing to mount the server's afp share where the shadow file is kept. Consequently the client is falling back to the local drive for the shadow storage. The afp error generated on the server is as follows:

    "SACL membership failure for user netboot101".

    I have opened up the permissions on both of my shared drives to "Everyone Full Control" for testing purposes but it continues to fail to mount.

    I am using the diskless setting in NetBoot. I have verified the failure by using the mount command from the client side.

    The only advice I have found so far to be helpful is to completely rebuild the server. I am fast heading in that direction unless anyone has any ideas. I have about 10 hours into this so far.

    Thanks for anything whatsoever that you care to offer.
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    ********* SOLVED *********

    First I would like to thank everybody who thought about this issue. I see a lot of you were looking at it. You may have recently noticed some latency on your internet connection. That was me searching for an answer!

    OK, here it is:

    Launch your "Server Admin" utility.
    Select your Server Name below "Available Servers" in the left hand column.
    Select the "Access" icon at the top of the window.
    Select the "for selected services below:" radio button on top of the list of services.
    Select "AFP" in the services list.
    Make sure the *Allow all users and groups* radio button is selected under the "Services" tab.
    Click the "Save" button.

    The problem I experienced was caused by that setting *Allow all users and groups*, being set to "Allow only users and groups below", which was currently unpopulated, empty.

    That former setting caused the "Diskless" NetBoot setting to fail, as the afp share hosting the shadow file on the server failed to mount on the NetBooted client, resulting in the afp error: "SACL membership failure for user netboot101". The local disk was therefore unable to be unmounted and the shadow file was forced to be hosted on the local disk, rather than the afp share on the server- which is the normal process for diskless NetBooting.

    You could most likely populate a group in there and change the setting back, but for the time being I am happy that I am now able to NetBoot and Image a NetBooted computer.