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I'm quite new to using Mac OS Server (though I've been using Macs for 10+ years) and our office has just installed Snow Leopard Server.

I'd love to be able to set up a wiki for the office, but how does one start?
I'm normally quite good at figuring out things like this on my own, but I can't even find the starting point (or any documentation about it) in Server.

Thanks in advance,

MBP 2010 Core i7, 500gb hd, 4gb ram, superdrive, Mac OS X (10.6.3), Mac OS Server 10.6.4
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    Assuming you've got DNS working it should be as simple as starting the Web Service and ticking the relevant box in the Web Services section of Sites.

    The rest of the documentation is here:


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    it is quite easy, and the Wiki service seems to be pretty solid and robust, as well as editable.
    But first things first...

    Wiki is a part of Web Services, so you need to enable the Web Service and create a site, and then enable the Wiki for that site. (That is that in a nutshell.)

    A great way to start is to read the documentation:

    And there is also a deployment "guide":
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    Ah ha! There are the docs. Thank you guysI Wiki now set up and it looks good (well, for a wiki).

    Now the only odd thing is that our 5 machines running 10.5.8 can get to the wiki and use it, but our 3 newer machines running 10.6.4 can't. Those three get the "Safari can’t open the page" message.

    Any idea why that might be?
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    Do all your machines use the same DNS server? It sounds like a name resolution issue. I haven't had any issues with Windows XP, Windows 7, and Mac OS X 10.6 machines connecting to the wiki site. I do not have any Mac OS X 10.5.8 machines to test the issue.

    Can you ping the wiki site by name from the 10.6.4 machines? Does nslookup from terminal bring back the correct name for the IP address of the wiki server?
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    I'm not sure if all my machines use the same DNS server... How would I check this?

    I tried using Network Utility on my machine (10.6.4) to ping the wiki server address and I got this:
    ping: cannot resolve <exactly correct wiki site address>: Unknown host

    I haven't used nslookup in Terminal before, but I gave it a try from my machine )while the wiki is hosted on the Server of course). I ran nslookup, then at the next prompt I entered the IP I get from whatismyip.com. I got a result, but I'm not sure how to interpret it, and I wasn't sure if I should post it publicly here. It did not, however, return the correct name of the wiki server.
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    From the GUI: System Preferences > Network > select controller > Advanced > DNS

    From the shell: +cat /etc/resolv.conf+ to see the settings, and +dig host.example.com+ and +dig -x target.ip.address.here+ are the usual commands. The first shows the configuration (that's not how you should set the DNS servers), while the dig commands query the configured DNS servers and (as a side effect of that query) will show you which DNS server responded.)

    DHCP clients get the settings from the DHCP server.

    It is quite common to see a rogue DNS server listed; one or more DNS server(s) other than the DNS server(s) operating on your LAN. Folks seem to want to add an ISP DNS server to the list of DNS servers, for instance, and that usually leads to inconsistent results.
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    DNS Issue - Do you use an internal DNS server (like your xserve on your subnet) or do you use an external DNS server provided by your ISP?

    If you are getting an unknown host error, they are probably not pointed to the same DNS server. You can check this by looking at "Network" in System Preferences or you can type cat /etc/resolv.conf into terminal. It should show your search domain and the nameserver. You will need to run it on a machine that works and one that doesn't to compare. When you do your nslookup, type the IP address of the wiki server (xserve) and see if it resolves the name.

    Let me know if you are using internal or external DNS and that will make it easier for me to point you in the right direction.

    Good job on not posting your info publicly. Always use example.com and fake subnets when trying to explain your situation. We just need to see the "pattern", not know the actual info.