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After iphoto upgrade to iphoto 11, I have more than 15.000 unknown faces.

I have so two questions :

1. How can I delete in only one click all unknown faces when I view one picture ?
As of today, I am obliged to delete manually face by face and by picture. I hope that IPhoto has a function allowing us to delete all unknown face in one click by picture.

2. Iphoto said that I have 12.000 unknown face. Il tere a way to delete in one click all unknown faces in all my iphoto library.


Imac G5 3.2 GZ, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    I really need this feature as well as I have something like 20,000 pictures and way too many unnamed faces that I don't want to name.
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    I too really need this feature; my library has over 20,000 photos in it, and it is a real pain having to delete face frames for people in crowd scenes, etc., that I have no interest in. Examples include popular tourist sites, graduation ceremonies, murals and paintings with many faces in them, spectators at sports events, parades and processions, etc. If these could be easily deleted, then all faces in my Unnamed Faces smart folder would be ones that I wanted to name.

    I requested this via formal Apple channels a year or two ago, so since nothing happened it appears that not many people are using the Faces feature very heavily and requesting mass face deletion.

    My suggestion is one or more of the following:

    (a) Allow multiple faces in a photo to be selected by dragging a frame and/or multiple command-clicks, and then delete all their face frames
    (b) Allow deletion of all unnamed faces in a photo
    (c) Allow deletion of all unnamed faces in a group of photos (This could range from two photos to the entire library my selection of multiple photos, albums, events, etc.)

    Has anyone found any workarounds for this problem?
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    I really need this feature as well because I have over a thousand untagged faces in my Library who I don't want to appear because they're either from group pictures, public areas, or from so long ago that it would be silly to tag someone who'd only appear once in the library.
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    Terence Devlin Level 10 Level 10 (123,865 points)
    iPhoto menu -> Provide iPhoto Feedback for feature requests.


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    It does not appear that Apple listens to requests for this feature.  I just submitted feedback, but I can see that people have been giving them the same feedback for years.  I have 3000 unrecognized faces to delete and the thought of clicking a little tiny X at the top left of each of the 3000 pictures is absurd.  They have something similar to what I want when they suggest matches to a known face.  How hard could it be to allow me to select multiples when I want to delete the face entirely?

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    So this means I can go away knowing that there is no chance of this being fixed? I can see no "answer" to the original post since 2010!!! wow... and here I am in 2014 waiting to be heard.


    I have lots of Formula 1 pictures... 53k pictures on my library and 27k faces...


    I would like to have a word with the genius who thought people would have 20 friends and therefore wouldn't need to disable the faces option.

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    No - all you can do is go away knowing that today there is no way to mass delete faces


    In spite of that I find faces very useful


    and an suggest to Apple  - iPhoto menu ==> provide iPhoto feedback - takes little time and every suggestion improves the possibility of a soluton



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    Terence Devlin Level 10 Level 10 (123,865 points)

    You can ignore all the Faces in a shot or shots just by collapsing the Faces section in the Info pane.


    This means that you will not be asked for Faces on these photos.


    Also, a poster called lopezio claims the following will do the job:


    This is how you can disable (turn off) Face detection, without deleting faces found so far (just in case you want to restart processing at another time):


    1. Quit iPhoto

    2. Open Terminal Application (Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app)

    3. Type the following (exactly as is):


    defaults write com.apple.iPhoto PKFaceDetectionEnabled 0


    (then return)


    4. - Start iPhoto - Faces stops getting on your nerves...


    If you ever need to re-enable faces, just do the same again and replace the 0 with 1.

    I've not tested this so I'd offer a significant warning to back up first and even if it does work then to be wary if you're updating or upgrading as it may have an impact there too.


    What definitely works, and safely, is to upgrade to Aperture as that has an option to disable faces. Pay more get more options.