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Hi guys,

I have been using my MacBook for a year and a half without any problems and i love it death but now i have met a quite strange problem.

I started running out of disk space, so i deleted a couple of DVD images (4gb each). I cmd+backspaced them first in Finder, then i went to trash and empty trash like always before.

Not a single kilobyte of space was freed up. Then i went to activity monitor to see a even stranger thing:
My Macbook has a 160gb hard drive. I had my Macintosh HD there (159gb, 157 in use) and then i checked the other option, my (crypted) home folder. it said 355gb used 3gb free. ***?

I cant delete anything, well i can but nothing free's up space. Help me oh community!

- Mika

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    If you're using FileVault, your entire encrypted home folder is in an odd container called a +sparse bundle.+ It does not shrink automatically when you delete things from it, but when you log out, OSX should "compact" it -- you should see a window like this:


    Your OSX drive is dangerously full. Log out, let that process continue, then log back on. See if you've gained much space. Post back with the results.

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    Thanks dude,

    That free'd up 25GB of diskspace, after that i tried this thing someone told me on another forum that i erased free space from the Macintosh HD, now i have more than 60GB of unused space.

    I am thankful!
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    Erasing free space just writes zeros and doesn't alter the amount or alter how much.
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    Well somehow it free'd up quite alot of space.