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Once you're connected it works fine—but watch out if you back out to a thumbnail level or try to override a slideshow in progress: things may just go black, the current photo might just freeze up or (as also happened to me) the Atv2 will just reboot itself.


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    My experience with showing photos from my iPhone 4 w/4.2 on my Apple TV w/4.1 was similarly disappointing. I had taken the ATV to show my in-Laws some of the neat things they could do with one and when I went to share my pictures from my iPhone 4, the first picture came up just fine, looking pretty good on the big screen. That's were it stopped, though. Nothing I could do would advance the slideshow to the next picture. The Apple TV showed a solid Wi-Fi connection as did my iPhone, so it wasn't a networking issue.

    I got home after the holidays and tried it here. It does the same thing. I can play videos from my Phone's iPod app just fine.