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I would appreciate help from anyone as apple support can only offer links !!!
Heres my problem.

1. My ringtones are stored in my ringtones section within itunes. They play when tested on my pc and I have found them within my purchases. I also have previously purchased tones stored within this folder too.

2. To give you a little back ground info. I initially didn't have a ringtones section within my itunes library. When i looked into this on the apple support site I found if I right clicked on my music heading toolbar a drop down box should have ringtones within it. However this was not the case !! It was a comprehensive list but lacking the very thing I was seeking !! But I found by clicking on EDIT / PREFERENCES I was then able to select and tick box titled ringtones. This then showed in my LIBRARY LIST.

3. I then transferred my ringtones into this folder.

4. I then synced with my iphone but the ringtones just cont5inually appear in my music instead of in my sounds section !!

5. I've noticed that when I sync my phone and select my device within the library, that there isn't a ringtones heading showing along with my other storage headings (ie INFO / APPS / MUSIC / FILMS etc) Should there be I wonder ?

6. So I feel the ringtones are on the hard drive and within my library but when syncing, the problem is they don't appear within my sounds on my iphone but always sync to my music folder !!!

I hope this helps to explain the problem I'm experiencing. My frustration levels are at an all time high !!

Any advice would be appreciated as apple support seem useless !!!

Thank you. JP