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I've been having this maddening navigation problem with Snow Leopard Finder windows on my Mac Pro:
1. A Finder window is open in List View (small icons). A long list of folders is showing.
2. I use a triangle to open a folder near the top or middle of the list (into this same window).
3. The folder contents cascade open. However...
4. The Finder jumps the list to show the lowest folders at the very bottom of the window.
(Rather than leaving the newly opened folder in view at the same x-y coordinate on the screen).
5. I lose my place in the window, and have to scroll back up through all the contents to find the top of the folder contents list I just opened.
6. If it happens that other folders further down the window also were open before I acted, even more scrolling is necessary to get back to the top and display the folder I just opened...

This is different behavior than with Leopard, or previous versions of the Mac OS. Did I inadvertently change some setting on the Mac Pro, or is this some terrible new Snow Leopard brain tease? I don't think this happens on my MacBook Pro.

Help! Before. I. Go. Nuts.

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