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This printer is NOT on the list of authorized air print printers. However, I had it working very well. The iphone is able to find the printer via the HP iprint software. It was working via airprint and now has stopped working.
This is with iphone 4 latest updated software and updated HP C4795 firmware..as I say it worked fine a few weeks ago. I have rebooted modem, switcher, printer and iphone. All on same subnet

Sony Viao, Windows 7
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    HP iPrint Photo should work just fine for printing to this Printer. However, the only way AirPrint ever printed to this Printer is if you (or someone else) were "sharing" the Printer from a computer that had AirPrint Sharing turned on. On the Mac there are a couple of ways to do this, but on Windows there are no legal ways of doing so. Without the "sharing" of your Printer by a computer, there is no way AirPrint ever saw your Printer.

    In addition to HP iPrint Photo, there are other Apps in the App store that can print to your Printer.

    Just trying to help.

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    Cracked it, I found another user experiencing this problem and this worked for me.

    1. Restore your printer to factory default settings.

    2. I accessed the restore to default settings by going to Setup, Tools, Restore Factory Defaults. Be sure you get confirmation your printer has been restored to factory defaults.

    3. Power cycle your printer. Unplug power cord and Ethernet cable if you are not using Wi-Fi. After about 30 seconds plug your power cord and Ethernet cable in.

    4. After printer powers up and gets to ready status go into your Network settings on the printer and confirm you are connected to the Network. If using Wi-Fi you will need to go through the wireless set up again. Either way confirm your Network settings and be sure your printer has an IP address.

    5. In Setup go to Web Services Setup and turn ePrint OFF and the back ON.

    6. You "should" get a printout providing you with a code to enter at www.eprintcenter.com


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    Darren thank you. Im on the web browser of the printer as well as the software HP solution center i cannot find the actual setup that you are referring to.is it in other software?
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    Sorry I somehow responded to this in the wrong thread, since added to the 8500A thread. Apologies.