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I'm using a Mackie C4 (in combination with an MCU Pro) to control plugins (e.g. UAD RealVerb). This works fine for regular instrument tracks - all parameters are displayed and respond to controls. But it is not working on Aux channels. When I put a plugin on Aux 1, then select "Plugin Mixer" on the C4, then press the V-pot for the plugin on the Aux channel, I see only a dash where the plugin parameters should be. Should this work, or am I missing something?

- John

Mac Pro 8-core, Mac OS X (10.6.5), 16GB, MCU Pro + C4, Logic 9.1.3
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    Unreal... I just sent this letter to Apple:

    It is impossible to edit a plugin which has been inserted on an AUX channel using the Mackie Logic Control.

    The Mackie "Logic Control" (and MCU in "Logic Control Mode") has a button labeled "AUX" which allows AUX channels to be displayed across a group of faders on the device. When pressed, only AUX channels will be displayed on the Mackie. 

    Subsequently pressing the "PLUG INS" button on the Mackie (in the ASSIGNMENT button cluster) will display the plugins inserted across the AUX channels.

    Pressing the V-pot select switch is supposed to open the corresponding plugin and it's parameters should be displayed across the LCD screen of the Mackie. However, In the case of an AUX channel the plugin parameters will NOT be displayed, instead only the plugin of a currently selected TRACK in the arrange window will be displayed. Pressing the "CHANNEL SELECT " button of the AUX will neither illuminate nor allow the visible AUX Channel to be selected for editing on the Mackie.


    I have further discovered that the Mackie will allow parameter adjustment of plugins inserted across AUX channels, but only if these AUX channels are present in the ARRANGE window. Unfortunately (and contrary to the behavior of all other audio and instrument channels), the AUX channels will appear across the Mackie control in "track" mode even when hidden (using the "Hide Track" button) in the arrange window. Setting the Mackie "Channel Strip View Mode" (in the preferences / "Control Surface" Setup page) to "Arrange" or "All" has no effect on this behavior.

    To sum up...

    Pressing the "AUX" button on the Mackie Control does allow level, mute and solo functionality, but no other access unless these AUX channels are present in the arrange window. I think that the AUX channels should respond to the Mackie control in exactly the same way as any other channel within Logic 9.1.3, i.e. plugins should be selectable and editable from the Mackie. 

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    Great description of the problem - I hope Apple is listening!
    And many thanks for the workaround.

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    I hope so too.. it's quite an oversight.