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I am an owner of the Unibody Mac Mini Server 2010 for my business server.
When i bought it after two days use the HD started to fail. One with bad blocks and the other one with I/O errors. OSX froze many times. Did many tests and it showed bad blocks on one HD the second just failed some times.

The HD that are included are HTS725050A9A362.

I took the Mini to an Authorized Repair place. They replaced one HD. Gave it back to me. I then realized that they only replaced one HD. Took it back again and then they replaced the second one as well. All fine took it back home installed everything again.

I have now use it for 3 months. Couple of weeks ago i woke up to a message box saying that the Mini has beed shutdown by some error. Could not find out what that error was but things looked to be running ok so i left it like that.

Today i woke up to a dead mac mini. It would not boot. It was sitting with the spinning weel so i made a reset of the RAM or whatever it's called you know Command + P + R. That made it go a little bit further. It now stopped with the Folder icon blinking meaning it could not find a boot disk. Hmmmm i thought. This can only be a disk error. Tried to boot with DVD and do repair but it did not work out.

To rescue my data from the second disk i booted in target mode and used my iMac to copy stuff over. Let me tell you that, that was not easy. Target mode worked like ****, maybe because of the first disk which was damaged dunno. When at last i opened the folder with my stuff the copy speed was ok. Funny enough i also managed to copy data from the disk that could not boot in target mode but i can't boot it so the disk is not really dead.

Now my problem is this. What to do ? I have warranty but i have a feeling that theese HD are not reliable so if Apple repairs the Mini again they will replace with the same HD which i am not interested in. I am willing to invest in 2 new HD myself which are not the same brand but i don't want to void the warranty and open the box.

I should add that i have 2 x 4gb memory inserted which is not Apple. I bought exactly what Apple recommend on their web page (CORSAIR 4GB DDR3 1066MHz model. CM3X4GSD1066 G). I do not think this has anything to do with the problems i see but i thought I'll mention it.

I can also mention that after first time the HD died i kept an eye on the temperatures and i had HD temperatures around 35C. The CPU was around 48-50C and the server was idling at 80-85%.

What can you recommend me i do ? Maybe all the problems that i have are just ****** quality by Apple. Maybe they squeezed the internal components to close and they run into these problems. I just don't know what i should do. It's not like that this is a computer...it's a server and MUST run continuously.


Mac Mini Server 2010, Mac OS X (10.6.6)