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I've taken over managing a large UNORGANIZED media archive on an Xserve RAID. My question is this:

Is there a way to move source media files that have ended up in the wrong volume folders and still reconnect them with their metadata/proxies on FCSvr?


If there is no direct way has anyone tried any work around automations to do this?

Xserve 2.8GHz Quad, 14GB memory, Mac OS X (10.6.6), 42TB CineRAID, 14TB CybernetixRAID
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    You can configure those folders on the RAID to be Scanners, with the initial Scan taking place in the middle of the night, and have it copy the files into a proper FCSvr Device, and delete the original. As it will eat up a ton of CPU power on the server.

    No way to "reconnect" stuff when you manually move it. FCSvr has to move it.

    If they're already in FCSvr, what's "unorganized" on the RAID exactly?
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    You can also use the "Duplicate" command found in either the Actions menu of an asset's info window or by right-clicking the asset in the Assets pane. Duplicate is a great way to push assets from device to device, you can even transcode as you do. Just be sure to delete the original after the copy jobs complete successfully.

    Great for the occasional stray asset. BenB had it right for large numbers of assets that live in the same (incorrect) relative file path.
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    Thanks BenB!

    The Raid contains 6 devices (folders) which organize items like commercials, footage, artwork etc and there are a lot of items that have found their way into the wrong device volumes (ie audio in the artwork device etc).

    This sounds like the solution I need, thanks again!
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    Thanks for your help! This will be a great feature for those few strays like you say. I'll use BenB's solution for the 400 something files that have found themselves in the wrong device folders.