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I have noticed that my iphone time is off by 1 minute, exactly, all the time. WWV, national breau of standards, my mac computers, atomic clocks, all are exactly together. My friends on non at&t networks with there phones set to sync by time set automatically, etc. are all together exactly. However my iphone set to sync with at& t automatically is off exactly 1 minute slow all the time. My wifes 3G iphone on in the same room is correct, however my iphone 4 is exactly 1 minute slow at the same time. Another friend with an iphone 4 and his wife with a 3G also has the same phenomenon. Apparently Apple has a software bug in the iphone 4 with timekeeping.

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    ha ha well I have the same issue with the i4.

    funny thing is I use a bb as well and when the morning alarm is set first the bb buzzes and then the iphone...

    ha ha they are both set for the same time. My 3Gs does it and so does the i4 no idea what the issue is but its good I am not the only one...
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    I have the same issue; my iphone 4 is slower by 1 min, however my wife's iphone 3g is 1 min faster than my iphone4....why is AT&T or Apple not doing anything about it?
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    I know it is important to you and it should be resolved.

    Why is this one minute important?
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    Apple isn't doing anything about it because the time is provided by the cellular towers near you...talk to AT&T if it means so much to you.
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    I can confirm it is AT&T and not the iPhone.

    My 3g phone is exactly 62-sec behind US Standard time. My wife's iPhone 4, and my two daughters phones (one LG and one Samsung) all have the exact same time as my iPhone, and are all AT&T.

    My wife's work phone, a T-Mobile Blackberry, is synched exactly with "Official US Time".
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    My iPhone 3GS on AT&T also is slow by exactly one minute. I am in the Pittsburgh area if it matters. My wife has iPhone 4 on same network and has exact same issue. I'm sure its AT&T network giving the wrong info. Anyone have any ideas how we can let them know this problem exists. In order to keep correct time I have to set it for auto to get the seconds correct then I switch to manual and set the minute forward one. This becomes annoying as it loses its precision over time. I can't believe in this day and age this is a problem.
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    Emerald Time
    will give you the correct (NTP) time, with seconds (or tenths of seconds if you want), and show the offset from the carrier's time setting.
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    Are you serious you made a post for this?
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    My iPhone (provider Orange UK) is about a minute behind - I live with it.

    My wife's iPhone (provider T-Mobile) is 10 minutes behind - this is a problem. She can set the time manually, but as soon as she enables "set automatically", it jumps back 10 minutes or so.

    As I understand it, the "set automatically" feature simply syncs to your provider's NTP server. The problem is that this server may not be syncing further up the tiers to a proper Tier 1 NTP server.

    Of course, try explaining that to the idiots on the T-Mobile support desk, who tried to tell my wife that the problem with with our home Internet connection, and when she said she was connecting over 3G, they said "3G is not the Internet, 3G is the type of phone you have".

    Conclusion? At the very least, avoid T-Mobile in the UK.